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Looking Back On 1999: 15 Epic Music Moments Turning 15

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The year was 1999. It was the final 365 days before the Millennium and with the fear of Y2K before us, it felt like anything could happen. Maybe it was the fear that the world was going to end or just a certain amount of “carpe diem” creeping into the system but it seemed like music tastes were all over the place. Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys led the pop charge and dominated the TRL era. Latin music exploded thanks to Ricky Martin. Meanwhile, punk decided to go punk, rap decided to go rock and R&B decided to kick men to the curb. It was a year all onto itself and these are the biggest moments turning 15 as we roll into 2014.

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Slippery When Wet: The Best Wet T-Shirts In Music Video History

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When we think of wet t-shirts, we will always think of the godmother of the rained on, white tee — Helen Hunt, bearing not only her tatas but her heart and soul in As Good As It Gets. So while wet t-shirts might be the mythology of spring break style competitions where women are objectified in the most base ways, pop culture has co-opted the iconic symbol in a slightly more refined—but no less sexy!—way.

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Crazy In Love: The Best Duets From Real-Life Couples

Best Musical Duets Couples

Love makes sweet music! Many musicians can’t resist bringing their boos into the vocal booth for some sultry duets. Most recently we heard from John Mayer and Katy Perry on “Who You Love” (A.K.A. Russell Brand‘s least favorite song). Earlier this year Ciara heralded her couple-dom with Future with “Where You Go,” and although she doesn’t actually sing a note on the track (thank god), Kanye West did tap Kim Kardashian to appear in his video for “Bound2” a few weeks back. In honor of all the coupling going on in the music biz, we’ve decided to take a look back at the most notable real-life couple collaborations in music!

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2013 AMAs: Check Out The Night’s Hottest Arm Candy

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We’ve already told you about the most salacious moment from last night’s American Music Awards, and now we’re checking out the hottest pairs who showed up at the ceremony.

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Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez & More: The Worst-Dressed Celebs At The 2013 AMAs

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The 2013 American Music Awards last night honored all that is good in American music and provided an arena for all that is horrible, garish and terrible about fashion. No, really, it was a rough night for fashion. Lady Gaga arrived dressed as the Khaleesi atop a horse made of people and she looked more pulled together and classy than any of the celebrities on our worst-dressed list.

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For Crying Out Loud! 15 Singers Who’ve Worked Their Waterworks On Stage


Wait a minute – singers are just like us?! You bet your right tear duct they are. From break-ups to make-ups, celebrities go through the same emotional roller coasters we do, and that includes bursting into tears every now and then. Chris Brown did it at the 2010 BET Awards, Katy Perry did it when she performed at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards and Adele, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez have also bawled their eyes out in public. Check out the total list of 15 stars caught crying their hearts out.

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FREE FALLING! 10 Musicians Whose On-Stage Wipeouts Were Caught On Video

musicians-falling-on-stage It’s all the rage these days to complain about concert attendees who kill the vibe by spending the entire show recording with their mobile phones or, worse, their iPads. While we don’t disagree entirely with the rage against those addicted to their screens, we would like to thank those brave souls who sacrifice the experience of living in the moment in order to capture these moments for posterity, especially when said moments result in once-in-a-lifetime fails. So, won’t you join us and salute these amateur videographers without whose dedication we would never have been able to see this grainy footage of superstar musicians like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Metallica’s Jason Newsted, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler hilariously wiping out on stage for all our enjoyment? (Oh, PS: We turned all of these fails into GIFs for your enjoyment. You’re welcome!) Read more…