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Bruce Springsteen Performs A Tear-Inducing Rendition Of “Incident On 57th Street” For The First Time Ever As A Solo Performer

On Friday night in Pittsburgh, Bruce Springsteen performed “Incident On 57th Street” from the 1973 album The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle for the very first time as a solo performer. The performance was part of a show The Boss did with long time friend Joe Grushecky, and it not only wow-ed the tiny audience lucky enough to be in attendance, but it has us in awe as we replay the video again and again. And awe is an understatement — in all honesty, we’ve found ourselves getting a little bit teary-eyed listening to Springsteen’s raw, soulful acoustic rendition of one of his earliest hits.

Bruce Springsteen, “Incident On 57th Street” [The Awl]