by (@unclegrambo)

Grammy Winning Producer Jim Jonsin Offers To “Make A Beat” For Times Square’s Man On The Pole

For a short period of time this morning, the hashtag #manonthepole was a trending topic on Twitter. You see, some (currently unnamed) guy 34-year old Brooklyn rapper Raymond Velasquez (aka CI Joe) decided a good way to get some attention would be to climb a light pole in the heart of Times Square and refuse to come down. And you know what? His gambit worked!

Well, that man is currently in police custody, but that doesn’t mean that his fifteen minutes of fame are quite over yet. Sure, there will be the obligatory press conference when he’s released later today, and of course there will be some punny New York Post headline to come tomorrow (Pole Dancer, perhaps?), but if the Man On The Pole has any ambitions at pursuing a music career, he need only get in touch with Grammy winning producer Jim Jonsin.

Jonsin, who took home a Grammy for his work on Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop” in 2009, happened to be in Times Square this morning and offered to “make [the Man On The Pole] a beat if he gets down [from the pole].” Apparently, the Man On The Pole had been freestyling while 20 feet above the ground in Times Square (paging Chiddy Bang!) and, at one point, handed the cops one of his CDs. So, assuming that the Man On The Pole can put up some bail money to spring himself from the pokey, his first order of business really should be to give Jonsin a call to see if he’ll make good on his word.

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