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Big Sean Lashes Out At Justin Bieber For Touching Ariana Grande


Justin Bieber really wanted to touch Ariana Grande during a performance last night, but neither she nor Big Sean was having it. It’s never cool to make unwanted contact with anyone, especially another dude’s girlfriend — especially when you’ve got the Bieb’s track record. The whole scene had Sean ready to rumble, and he took to Twitter to fire a warning shot.

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Selena Gomez Thought That Justin Bieber’s Roast Was “Disgusting And Gross”

It’s safe to say that Selena Gomez was not a fan of Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber. Which is kind of weird, because we assume she’d LOVE to watch her ex-boyfriend get ripped apart by celebrities and professional comedians on national television. But clearly she has higher principles than we do, because sources close Gomez claim that she found the program “disgusting and gross.”

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The Best Jokes From The Roast Of Justin Bieber


Last night Comedy Central hosted their highly anticipated Roast of Justin Bieber. Hosted by it-comedian Kevin Hart, celebrities, rappers, basketball players, and Martha Stewart (?) gathered together to rip on the once beloved child pop sensation turned boyfriend you never want your daughter to bring home. Amazingly, no one went in too hard on his photoshopped bulge for Calvin Klein.

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