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Garth Brooks Talks About How Rock Band Kansas Changed His Life In Preview Of New Documentary

On March 20th VH1 Classic and Palladia will air the new documentary Kansas: Miracles Out Of Nowhere, about the American progressive rock band which topped the charts in the 1970s. In this exclusive preview, find out how Kansas‘s blend of cutting edge musicianship and heartland appeal inspired country legend Garth Brooks to pursue a life in music. Read more…


Unsung Heroes: The 10 Most Underrated Classic Rock Singers


We all know about the best rock singers of all time. The ones who other rock singers idolize. The staples who make it onto every list that’s ever published on the subject. The Robert Plants. The Freddie Mercurys. The Mick Jaggers. But what about all the other amazing singers that came through once The Beatles knocked down the doors for classic rock ‘n’ roll? Surely there are others that slip through the cracks and get overlooked on these lists? What are they, chopped liver? Far from it, and it’s time that we give these singers their due (so everyone can stop referring to them as “the singer from ____”).
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