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Last Lap: Go Behind The Scenes Of Karen O’s Psycho Opera, Stop The Virgens

Go Behind The Scenes Of Karen O’s Psycho Opera, Stop The Virgens
If you loved Karen O‘s Stop The Virgens psycho opera as much as we did, then this is a much watch. The Creator’s Project, in conjunction with Karen O, have released a great two-part documentary giving a behind-the-scenes style insight into the making of the musical. The revealing documentary has Karen revealing, “It was the first time I made something that was so euphoric and so free of suffering or frustration or pain.” [Prefix]

Lil Wayne Plays Truant On Kimmel; Carl Covers His A**
Lil Wayne was a no show on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, with no sign as to why the truancy occurred. Never mind — Kimmel barely skipped a beat as he pulled the reluctant “Carl” from the audience, slapped a Weezy style dread-locked wig on his head and forced him to pretend to be Wayne. There are some giggle worthy moments, especially when Carl/Weezy tells Jimmy he didn’t buy Justin Bieber a birthday present because the Biebs is “rich”. That’s exacting some serious social justice, if you ask us. [Idolator]

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Last Lap: Previously Unreleased Britney Song Borrows Liberally From Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”, Sounds Awesome

La Isla BonBritney-ita
Perhaps in honor of her 30th birthday, the Britney Spears fansite BreatheHeavy posted a previously unheard and unreleased Britney track today called “Love 2 Love U.” This would be fairly unremarkable if not for the fact that the song borrows the beat and the vocal cadence of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita.” Listen below, and CHA CHA! [BreatheHeavy via Idolator]

Justin Vernon Of Bon Iver Thinks The Grammys Are Unimportant And Don’t Mean Anything
Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon put the Grammys on blast, saying, “it’s just not important and people spend too much time thinking about it.” Yeah, he went there. Maybe he’s got a bee in his bonnet over collaborator Kanye West‘s Album Of The Year snub? [Pitchfork]

Trent Reznor And Karen O Cover “Immigrant Song”Nine Inch Nails front man and musical genius Trent Reznor teamed up with rock goddess Karen O to over Led Zeppelin‘s “Immigrant Song” for the Girl WithThe Dragon Tattoo movie soundtrack. And it’s really awesome. [Stereogum]

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Last Lap: Baby Bey-Z Is (Almost Certainly) A Girl!!!

Kelly Rowland Confirms Baby Bey-Z Is Indeed A Girl
The Internet has been rife with rumors that Beyoncé & Jay-Z‘s baby is going to be a girl, and Kelly Rowland (accidentally?) confirmed this to be the case at London’s Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards. [NME]

Rihanna Rides London’s Tube To Her London Gig
Rihanna: A performer of the people, for the people. RiRi caught London’s subway, the tube, along with some breathless fans, to her concert at O2 Arena. Watch the video at [Billboard]

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Last Lap: Madonna’s Next Collaboration Will Feature Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

Madonna, Nicki Minaj And M.I.A Share The Love
In the latest installment of “Madonna Is Down With The Kids (Like, Totes)” it’s been announced that both the eccentric Nicki Minaj and the cooler than thou MIA will appear on Madge’s lead single, “Give Me All Your Love,” from her forthcoming album. On that note, it’s now rumored that these three will also be performing during halftime of the Super Bowl this year. [Billboard]

Controversial Web Sensation Lana Del Rey Signs With Interscope
After a mountain of hype resulted in a tsunami-sized backlash, Lana del Rey has inked an album deal with Interscope, home to not only some of the biggest female-fronted acts in the biz (Mary J. Blige, No Doubt), but also some of the web friendliest (Robyn, Feist). [Pitchfork]

Poptimist Explores The Notion That Epic Rock Is Just “Secular Gospel”
Tom Ewing‘s article about stadium-pop as a “hustle” is an interesting read, with references to bands as contemporary as Coldplay and Arcade Fire while remembering classics like The Beatles and The Who. [Pitchfork]

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Trent Reznor And Karen O Cover Led Zeppelin In The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, we’re guessing that most of you probably took advantage of the good weather and went outside to barbecue with friends and family. However, those of you who are either heliophobic or addicted to air conditioning likely took to the Internet instead, where one of the weekend’s biggest stories revolved around the supposed “leak” of the redband trailer for the upcoming film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The highly-anticipated adaptation of the best-selling book by the late Stieg Larsson not only stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, but is also directed by the maestro of gloomy psychological thrillers, David Fincher.

The trailer is somewhat unique in that it doesn’t contain a single line of dialogue, but that doesn’t mean that the tone of the film isn’t readily apparent. Keeping in line with the graphic content of the novels, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo looks to be Fincher’s most ominous and scary film since Se7en, thanks in large part to the decision to score the trailer with Trent Reznor and Karen O‘s hauntingly driven cover of Led Zeppelin‘s “Immigrant Song.” There’s a certain mystical feel to the Led Zep original, but Rezner and O’s swaps that essence for something, well, colder; it’s got a sonic aura that’s as icy as the Scandinavian landscapes contained within the film and, frankly, gave us nightmares when we went to sleep last night.

Even though this trailer only contains a small portion of the song, this new take on “Immigrant Song” already ranks among our all-time favorite Led Zeppelin cover songs. Do you feel the same way? What Led Zep cover songs are your favorites? Hit us up in the comments below!