Katy Perry Sneak: Her New Video Premieres Next Tuesday

Katy Perry has made a big splash in a short time. From calling us gay to kissing girls to feeling hot ‘n’ cold she’s swooped into the lives of her fans and stormed around a bit. The next video from her One of the Boys CD is “Waking Up In Vegas,” and we just thought you’d like to know that we’ll be offering it as a VH1 Top 20 Premiere next Tuesday morning. Get a feel for what you’re going to see by checking the sneak above. See you Tuesday.




Katy Perry’s Favorite Hot N Cold Comments

A couple of weeks ago Katy Perry asked you to tell her what was hot n cold this year.  We knew she’d be swinging by VH 1, and we thought she might have something to say about the responses that we received. We were right. You guys hit the post with comments regarding 2008’s cool stuff (the Obama victory, and rocking out to your iPod while people gawk at you) and bad stuff (people who don’t use common sense, people who never smile).

Well, Katy did swing by, and yep, she commented on your comments. Check the clip above to see which ones impressed her most.

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Connect With Katy Perry: See If She Thinks You’re Hot or Cold

You know how frustrated Katy Perry gets on her latest hit, “Hot N Cold.” She can’t get a bead on her boyfriend’s emotional waffling, and it drives her bonkers. Katy’s coming in to visit VH1 in the near future, and she’s wondering what has made her audience hot and cold this year. We’re giving everyone a chance to fill us in on that subject, and when Katy gets here, she might take a look at some of the more entertaining posts and offer her own two cents on ‘em.

You don’t have to stick to the subject of romance. Just let the world know what you’re hot about (faves) or cold about (frustrations) on any topic you choose. Music, politics, movies, fashion, videos, school, etc. Check back around December 15 to see if Ms Perry makes a comment about your comments.

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See the “Hot N Cold” video with some behind-the-scenes footage.

See a photo gallery of 2008’s Best New Women Singers