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30 Smurf-Sized Music Stars: Who’s Surprisingly Short?


Today is the day, Smurfs 2 is released! We’ve got a case of the blues and we are love, love, loving it. To celebrate those adorable, tiny, mushroom inhabitants of our childhood dreams (and sometimes nightmares), let’s take a look at some real-life smurfs and smurfettes. For starters, beloved Britney Spears, who sings “Ooh La La” on the movie’s soundtrack, is a petite 5’4″. See who else made our smurf-a-like list!

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Friday Face-Off: Kelis Vs. Katy Perry

Nothing says July 4th like a healthy dose of fireworks. In light of our nation’s independence, we’re invoking good ol’ fashion democracy to determine if bigger sparks fly in Kelis“Fourth of July (Fireworks)” or Katy Perry’s “Firework”. Vote now to tell us which patriotic babe blows you away. Read more…

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Bad Romances: The True Stories Behind Ten Epic Break Up Songs


Everyone knows the only way to heal a broken heart is to channel your emotions into an epic break up song. Some get their rage out screaming along with Alanis Morissette‘s “You Oughta Know,” while others opt for a more wistful sound, like Adele‘s “Someone Like You.”

But what about the songs themselves? Who inspired our favorite break up ballads? Did Russell Brand really prompt Katy Perry to pen “Part of Me?” And is “Cry Me A River” about Justin Timberlake‘s break up with Britney Spears? Which of your favorite break up songs are about true love gone wrong–and which were just born out of a lucky studio session?

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