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10 Artists Who Sang Back Up For Britney Spears

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As it turns out, a lot of people have collaborated with Britney Spears. And interestingly enough, a lot of prominent singers have lent their vocals to the singer — appearing on a number of her tracks, including “Piece of Me” and “Lucky.” It makes you wonder what the song would have sounded like if they had taken over. But alas, we’ll never know.

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Katy Perry Goes Wild In “Roar”

No, you’re not hallucinating after catching some sort of malaria during this wild jungle journey. That’s definitely Katy Perry brushing an alligator’s teeth AND giving an elephant a manicure after crash landing in the wild. Let’s give a round of ROARing applause for this adventure-filled music video, which also includes Katycat swinging from vines and soothing savage beasts with nothing but the power of her voice (not to mention some choice beats courtesy of Dr. Luke).

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Katy Cats! 10 Cats Who Look Just Like Katy Perry!

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Katy Perry is famous for her crazy colored outfits, her infectious pop hits and her love of cats. So, why is she so in love with the feline family? Well, maybe because cats are just like her!

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Getting Hot In Herre: Vote On The Top Summer Song From The Past 15 Years!

Summer Songs Of The Last 15 Years

Every summer needs a theme tune, and each year pop music lovers passionately debate which single will earn the distinction of being named the Song of the Summer! In our eyes, this honor is wayyyy better than a Grammy. Record sales and official charts factor into it, but that’s definitely not all it takes to earn the exclusive title. These feel-awesome anthems have to permeate every avenue of our existence,  playing seemingly at every moment, everywhere we go, during everything we do. Ordinarily that sounds like torture, but we’re too busy dancing to care. A true summer song is just THAT good! The polls are still open on this year’s song (*cough* “What rhymes with ‘Hug me’?” *cough*), but we’ve decided to take a look back the best summer jams from the past 15 years. Head down below and relive them all, and then vote on your ultimate favorite! These hot hits will keep you warm all winter long…

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2013 VMAs Arm Candy: Miley Cyrus Plays Around With Mike WiLL, Big Sean Goes Glam

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That’s a wrap on the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards across the bridge in Brooklyn, where all of our favorite musical acts turned up for this year’s oversized show. Along with lots of must-see performances and amazing celebrity interactions to observe, your favorites got things started with a bang thanks to some hot red carpet dates.

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