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The Top 10 Rip-Offs In Music History

Top 10 Rip-Offs In Music History

One of the biggest stories in the world of pop music over the last week has been the (pardon the pun) upROAR over whether or not Katy Perry‘s new single “Roar” borrows a bit too liberally from Sara Bareilles‘ “Brave” (see: Is Katy Perry A Sara Bareilles Kopy Kat?). If you ask us, both songs are under suspicion for lifting the opening piano line of “Something Beautiful” by Robbie Williams, so we feel like neither party can claim absolute innocence here.

It’s worth noting that this is neither the first—nor will it be the last!—instance when one songwriter accuses another songwriter of cribbing a riff or a melody. With that said, it’s time to present you with this: the Top 10 Rip-Offs In Pop Music History.

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Is Katy Perry A Sara Bareilles Kopy Kat? (POLL)

Is Katy Perry A Sara Bareilles Kopy Kat?

Katy Perry dropped her latest smash single, “Roar,” last week and, as most of the Teenage Dream’s songs tend to do, it obliterated the competition. Industry insiders are predicting that by the time final numbers roll in later this week, over 550,000 people will have downloaded the song, which more than doubles the sales of her closest competitor (Lady Gaga‘s “Applause”) and would make it the fastest selling track of Katy’s illustrious career (which includes seven Number One songs). However, the runaway success of this song is not without some controversy, as some are accusing the Queen of the Katycats of instead being a Sara Bareilles Kopy Kat.

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The Five Ways Girlfriends Can Be Referenced In A John Mayer Song

John Mayer

John Mayer‘s new album Paradise Valley features a duet with girlfriend Katy Perry, which sort of eliminates the question of whether or not he’ll reference her in one of his songs after the fact–or does it? Mayer himself has said that all songwriting comes from relationships, and with his stable of high-profile exes and current loves, it’s become an unofficial guessing game as to who has inspired each track. Sound familiar? Read more…

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The 15 Shortest Marriages In Rock ‘n’ Roll History

15 Shortest Marriages In Rock History

Love and marriage, love and marriage, they go together like…well, definitely not rock and roll! Showbiz in general isn’t a very hospitable place for stable romantic relationships, but the life of an arena-packing musician seems to hold particular hazards ready to divide even the strongest unions. The constant travel and time apart, seemingly non-stop party, and untold number of groupies all could spell divorce…oh, and also paternity suits.

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