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We See What You Did There: The 15 Least Subtle Sex Metaphors In Pop Music

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Whether inanimate objects,  national landmarks, or pretty much any food item in general, artists sure do love using their witty ways to talk about sex. See, they try to hide the meanings of these songs – but we just couldn’t help but cracking their code! Plus, most are blatantly obvious (hint: any long and hard object is most likely referring to a guy’s…..get it? Good.)

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The 10 Most Inappropriately Sexy Uses Of Food In Music Video History


Food and sex have a weird relationship. In a lot of ways they don’t go together at all, but when they work it’s like peanut better and jelly. Music videos have been accused of hyper-sexualizing pretty much everything over the years -even making a sandwich, having an ice cream, or eating an orange! Something about food really plays well on the small screen, and nobody knew it better than the lovely Kelis. She rewrote the menu with her unforgettable video for “Milkshake” in 2003, and now she’s back on the beat again with her new album, F.O.O.D. It’s out this Tuesday, and each track is named after a different delicacy. Her single “Jerk Ribs” is the appetizer, but we can hardly wait for the main course!

To whet our appetite, we’ve decided to take a look at the most delicious inappropriately sexual uses of food in music video history. Bon appetit!

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10 Massive Pop Stars Who Can Thank YouTube For Their Success


-Lucelenia Amparo

From chanteuses Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry, to pop princes like Justin Bieber, YouTube has been a haven for new artists to self-promote their music. Artists like Gotye and Karmin, gained so many views on the video sharing site that they were signed to record deals, made songs for movies, and even won Grammy awards. Guess all we have to do is believe! Read on for 10 huge pop superstars who owe it all to YouTube…

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