How “Big” Will Big Sean Get In 2013? A Primer On The Man Who Might Be Next Year’s Breakout Hip-Hop Star

His rap name is an oxymoron. Physically, Big Sean is anything but big. His waifish, 5’8″ frame isn’t exactly gargantuan in stature, but there’s no denying that he has a royal flush in his hands. It’s a winning hand which, if played correctly, could turn him into Detroit’s biggest hometown hip-hop hero since Eminem.

Big Sean, born Sean Anderson, is no overnight success. From the time the 17-year-old rapped for Kanye West outside of WHTD-FM 102.7 in 2005 (if only that infamous 16 bars would surface) to his record deal in 2007 with West’s G.O.O.D. Music to 2009’s first installment of Finally Famous Vols. 1-3 mixtape to his 2011 major label debut, his rise to fame is something like that of the tortoise in “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Slow and steady wins the race. Read more…

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Kid Rock’s Rebel Soul Is Full Of Gratitude For The Troops On His New Album

“I remember when I was making music before the internet, before we had iTunes and things like this,” Kid Rock joked when he sat down with us to talk about his latest album Rebel Soul, which is due out November 19th. Everything except “this stuff,” he said while pointing to his mic.

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33 GIFs Of Famous Musicians Saluting The Stars And Stripes In Their Music Videos

It’s the 4th of July, which means that it’s time to wish another happy birthday to the US of A! In honor of our country’s 236th bday, we’ve put together this spectacular, über-patriotic GIF Wall featuring some of the music industry’s biggest stars paying salute the stars and stripes, everyone from chart legends like Bruce Springsteen and Madonna to up-and-comers like Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks. Ain’t that America?
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Tuned In: Miley Cyrus Is Gonna Make Us Lonesome When She Goes

Miley Cyrus really is growing up, and it’s absolutely delightful to watch. The young star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night looking decidedly more mature with a sleek long-bob (we’re booking our hairdresser appointments right now!), to perform her cover of Bob Dylan‘s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.” The song appears on Chimes Of Freedom, a compilation of Bob Dylan covers celebrating his career as well as Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary with all proceeds from sales going, naturally, to Amnesty. Miley’s rendition of “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” is absolutely beautiful, and at only 19 years old, Miley’s emotion when she sings it is wholly convincing. With her raspy country vocal and the already gorgeous music, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with this performance.

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The VH1 Tuner Podcast, Episode 3: Kid Rock Talks The Care Tour, Nickelback Haters And His Refusal To Be On iTunes

Kid Rock has mellowed considerably since the days when his hard-partying ways and high-profile relationships with the likes of Pam Anderson and Jaime King made him a regular fixture in the tabloid media. In the latest edition of our VH1 Tuner Podcast, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer got some time with the Son of Detroit and discussed a variety of topics that you might not necessarily expect someone with a such a reputation for being a hellraiser: The practical complexities of discovering exactly which charity organizations are on the level, his love for the all- female country group Pistol Annies, his dislike of the guy who started the anti-Nickelback campaign, his rationale for keeping his music off iTunes and much, much more!

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Get Your Nineties Nostalgia On With Our Spotify Soundtrack For The TRL Decade

VH1’s latest entry in the award-winning Rock Docs franchise, The TRL Decade, premieres tonight at 9:30 pm. The hour-long special takes a look back at the colorful history of the long-running MTV video request program and the effect that it had on the music industry, and features insightful interviews from former VJs like Carson Daly and Dave Holmes, as well as some of that era’s most popular musical acts.

In order to get you in the mood for tonight’s premiere, we built this special
Spotify playlist for The TRL Decade
, which features many of the songs that you’ll hear in this documentary feature. Get your ’90s nostalgia on with boy band faves like “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys, rap-rock smashes like Korn‘s “Freak On A Leash”, hip hop hits like P. Diddy‘s “Bad Boy For Life”, sugar coated girl pop classics like Mandy Moore‘s “Candy”, and many more.

The TRL Decade [Spotify]

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VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown For The Week Ending December 10, 2011

If you missed this week’s VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown, you’re in luck. Not only is it re-airing tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. on VH1, but we’ve got this week’s complete list of the week’s 20 hottest videos for you. After narrowly missing out on the top spot to Usher and David Guetta last week, Katy Perry‘s wistful “The One That Got Away” has snatched this week’s top spot. Check out the complete list of videos in the final Top 20 Video Countdown episode of 2011 below.

A reminder: VH1’s Top 40 videos of 2011 will be airing at a special time: Wednesday night, December 14, at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Watch this space for more details!

1. Katy Perry, “The One That Got Away” [WATCH]
2. Kelly Clarkson – “Mr Know It All” [WATCH]
3. Daughtry – “Crawling Back To You”
4. Bruno Mars, “It Will Rain” [WATCH]
5. David Guetta featuring Usher – “Without You” [WATCH]
6. Rihanna, “We Found Love”
7. Coldplay – “Paradise” [WATCH]
8. Safetysuit, “Let Go”
9. Adele – “Someone Like You” [WATCH]
10. The Fray, “Heartbeat” [WATCH]

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VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown Premieres Kid Rock’s “Care” Featuring Angaleena Presley And T.I

VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown is premiering Kid Rock‘s video for his new song, “Care,” featuring Angaleena Presley & T.I this weekend, and it’s just in time to get you into the spirit of giving this holiday season. The video is cast in black and white and features a moody looking Kid Rock perched in front of a brick wall, crooning and playing guitar. Footage of Kid Rock jamming is interspersed with images of the everyman, and the message is clear — there are people suffering. Kid Rock’s lyrics urge us to “care” about the less fortunate, with lines like, “I can’t change the world and make things fair, the least that I can do is care.” It’s an anthem for the holiday season to give the more fortunate some serious perspective, championing hope for empathy and humanity.

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Styles Upon Styles Upon Styles: The Top 5 Recycled Lines From A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory

Last week, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s seminal album, The Low End Theory, and after spending quality time with the LP, it became clear that many artists may have snagged sonic gems from the trendsetting hip-hop quartet over the years. If you’re a fan of rap music, you already know that sampling and re-working existing songs is commonplace in the creative process; similar to contemporary art’s idea of the “readymade,” producers will lift elements from one song and add them to a new canvas to re-envision their use. But what happens when the same thing is done with lyrics?

One little-known fact: Lil’ Wayne’s“A Milli” is a slowed-down sample of one of Phife’s lines from a remix of “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” off Tribe’s first album, 1990’s Peoples’ Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Sometimes referred to as swagger-jacking, a rapper re-purposing the bars of artists before him or her can in other circumstances be seen as a salute-beckoning sign of respect. And in Tribe’s case, it should be! In addition to sitting down with ATCQ for their first joint interview since 1998, we also got to chat individually with in-and-out, behind-the-scenes group member Jarobi White to scoop his brains for memories on the group’s incredible second album. In honor of its Album-Versary, we present you with Jarobi’s exclusive interview clips, and the Top 5 Recycled Lines From The Low End Theory.

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Check Out Some Unforgettable Images From The Concert For New York City

Starting at 4 p.m. ET this afternoon, VH1 will be airing six uninterrupted hours of footage from The Concert For New York City, which was originally held in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on October 20, 2001. We’ll be streaming the entire show this one-time only on, and you’ll also be able to tune-in on your television to watch, too. As a way to help you remember this epic event, we put together this gallery of images from that unforgettable evening. We’ve got snaps from the night’s biggest performances (Paul McCartney, The Who, Bon Jovi, etc.) and some awesome backstage photographs as well.

Don’t forget, the Robin Hood 9/11 Relief Foundation could still use your assistance, too. Oh, and one last thing: If you are looking for a schedule to find out when to tune-in to see your favorite artist, we’ve got it for you here: The Concert For New York City: 10 Years Later Air Schedule

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