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Duet Albums We Wish Would Happen

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Who doesn’t love a good duet? There’s something exciting about when two artists come together on a song and create something special. The right pair knows how to blend their vocals, merge their best assets and play off each other’s talents. Brandy and Monica knew how to do this when they recorded “The Boy Is Mine.” Although it was a huge hit, that’s all fans got. We never got a second duet single or even an album. That’s a real shame considering how those two would have brought the house down with an entire record. The same goes for regular collaborators, Beyonce and Jay Z, or Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez. These artists make up the list of duet albums we hope that happen!

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The Voices Behind The Hits: 10 Demo Versions Of MONSTER Songs (Sung By The Original Writers)


Hit-making is a collaborative process, with many hands and minds going into the mix to create a finish product. Don’t believe us? Check the credits for your favorite song in the charts today! In among the seemingly dozens of names you’ll find the one tunesmith who had the original germ of the melodic hook…and sometimes even the whole song! Most of these songwriters are unsung heroes (see what we did there?), names and faces unfamiliar to the masses despite the hours of pure pop pleasure they’ve given us over the years. Today we’ve decided to honor them by sharing their original demo versions of some of their greatest hits. Read on and enjoy the original voices behind the songs!

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Beautiful Liars and Truthful Hips: 5 Great Shakira Duets

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Shakira and Rihanna‘s buzzed about duet, “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” drops today. To prep for what we can only imagine will be a sexy track highly likely to make the dreary winter a lot hotter, we’re looking back at some of Shakira’s greatest collaborations.

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This Fierce 12-Year-Old Girl’s “Yonce” Dance Might Be Even Better Than Beyonce’s!

Beyoncé‘s new album, the self-titled Beyoncé, is an undeniably very racy affair. Songs like “Rocket” and “Partition” definitely veer into raunchy territory, which has led more than a few parental groups to wag their fingers at Mrs. Carter and keep their kids away from this R-rated album. That said, nothing is gonna keep the world’s most fierce underage Beyoncé supporter, 12-year-old Charlize Glass, from putting everything she’s got into her King Bey-soundtracked dance routines.

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SoundScanner: Frozen Tops The Charts While Britney And Bieber’s Careers Are On Ice


While the nation suffers under the deep freeze of the Polar Vortex, the No. 1 album in the country is perhaps unsurprisingly the soundtrack to Disney’s Frozen. Hey, it’s cold out there – might as well embrace it. While Frozen is chilling at the top of the charts, several albums cross important sales milestones this week, and we also look at recent fumbles from Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. Bundle up for this week’s SoundScanner:

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