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Stories Behind 10 More Epic Break Up Songs


Ah, Valentine’s Day…a day to snuggle up to the person you love or to blast your favorite break up song in the hopes of getting over the sweetheart who got away. We know we couldn’t get through our worst splits without the perfect soundtrack, but did our favorite break up songs also help our favorite artists get over their exes? Or were the songs just passed on to them by songwriting pros?

In the past, we’ve uncovered the stories behind such classics as “Yesterday,” “You Oughta Know” and “Someone Like You.” In honor of Valentine’s Day, we did a little more digging on 10 more of the best break up songs of all time to uncover whether ballads like “Nothing Compares 2 U” or empowerment jams like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” came out of Sinead O’Connor and Taylor Swift‘s real pain, or someone else’s studio session magic…

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Girlz With Grillz: Famous Women Who Bling Out Their Smiles

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It’s grills gone wild in Hollywood these days! We thought it was over back in ’06, but lately the teeth bling thing has been making a comeback in a huge way. Madonna‘s metal mouth’d grin at the 2014 Grammys last weekend reminded us that grills (or “grillz,” to be more precise) can go well and also go wrong…very very badly wrong. And we’ve got plenty examples of both!

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Battle Of The Babies: Blue Ivy Carter And North West Face Off

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In the last two years no children have captured our attention quite like Blue Ivy Carter and North West. As the products of two pairs of adored celebrities, each of these little ones was celebrated, gossiped about and analyzed before she emerged from the womb. What will the name be? Who are the godparents? What kind of fashion is she rocking in the maternity ward? The speculation was endless. Now that they’re here, it’s difficult to deny that their young lives are already a lot more fabulous than our own.

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Things Beyonce Does In The Kitchen (Besides Cooking)

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Throughout Beyonce‘s solo career, she’s made a number of references to her time in the kitchen. However, what’s become evidently clear is that there’s not much cooking going on in there. On her latest single, “Drunk in Love,” Beyonce asks “We woke up in the kitchen saying, ‘How the hell did this shit happen?’ Well first off, you were drunk Beyonce. But secondly you weren’t in the kitchen for  food. In a review of Beyonce, Jody Rosen wisely pointed out that this line was an answer to 4‘s “Countdown” when Beyonce was “All up in the kitchen in my heels / dinnertime.” This is not the first or last time that sex or something else has gone on in the kitchen. We dissect some of Bey’s saucer lyrics to determine just exactly what she does in there.

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It’s Getting Hot In Here, You Know What To Do: The Sexiest Use Of Lingerie In Music Videos

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Skimpy outfits and music videos go together like, well, skimpy outfits and music videos. But there’s daring to bear and there’s bringing the sex to the screen, and our list of the 20 sexiest uses of lingerie in music videos is embracing the the raunchiest, most glamorous, most salacious lingerie ensembles ever to grace pop music. We’re talking the real deal too — no boring, elastic waistband knickers, just push up bras and the finest silks.

From the pioneering Madonna, to the gratuitous Beyoncé; from the simulated self-loving Miley to the ultimate in lingerie costumes from Moulin Rouge‘s “Lady Marmalade,” you might want to be alone as you flick through this gallery. Because let’s be real, the gallery isn’t the only thing you’ll be flicking. Bordering at times on soft core pornography, these ladies’ lingerie ensembles toe the line between class and sex, adding an element of tastefulness to the taboo.

With lacy bras for bouncing boobies, Brazilian cut panties, elaborate corsets and snapable suspenders holding up thigh high tights, these ladies make underwear look a whole lot more fantastic than your huge cotton Bridget Jones knickers. We mean, this is the kind of underwear you’d be hand washing separately — these sets are way too good for the machine. So go forth boldly, and just try to keep it in your pants as you admire these sexy ladies in their super sexy lingerie get ups.