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Singers In The Shadows: 15 Singers Overshadowed By Their More Famous Family Members


Sibling rivalry is hard enough in the real world, but imagine for a minute if your sister was Beyonce? Somehow, Solange deals with it graciously, but not every sibling of a pop star can cope with being in the shadows. What’s even worse? When your parent is a legend, and you can’t catch a break.

The 15 singers on our list may be extraordinarily talented. They might be internationally famous. Some of them might actually kind of suck. The thing they all have in common? No matter how hard they hustle, they can’t step out of the shadow of their exponentially more famous family member.
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Carson Daly Turns 40: Get Nostalgic With 40 TRL-Era Pics

Carson Daly Turns 40

Today is the day that Carson Daly turns 40. We’ll let that sink in. 40! It seems like only yesterday he was just a goofy kid interviewing pretty much every famous person in existence on MTV’s Total Request Live. Sure, he’s still on the airwaves, acting as the host of The Voice and Last Call. But it’s just not quite the same.

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Sample Sale: 15 Obscure Songs That Were Sampled In Mega-Hits

15 Obscure Songs Sampled In Big Hits

The act of “sampling,” or looping beats from pre-existing recordings, can be pretty divisive. While some view it as essentially stealing, the skill that it takes to create something truly unique and new has elevated sampling into an incredibly precise (not to mention difficult) art-form, spanning genres from hip hop to electronica and everything in between. It’s not hard to simply take the hook from an already- popular song (*cough* Kanye *cough* Diddy), but the best DJs get their cred by digging through record crates to find the most awesomely obscure beats they can get their hands on. NOTHING is off limits when they head to their sonic laboratories, which is why some of the biggest hits of recent years actually got their start as a scratchy and forgotten vinyl from way back when.

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Dream Breaks Down The Different Types Of Ratchet

Dream may not be responsible for all that is the ratchetness of Beyonce, but he loves partaking in ratchet and has his very own definition of what ratchet means to him. Read more…