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Beyonce And Jay-Z Celebrate Their 5th Wedding Anniversary In Cuba, We Pay Tribute To Their 25 Cutest Moments


Beyoncé and Jay-Z made their way south of the border and landed in Havana, Cuba for their fifth wedding anniversary. The twosome was spotted taking a stroll through the streets of the city’s capital, soaking up the Caribbean sun as well as being warmly embraced by the culture and the people of Cuba.

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Beyonce And Andre 3000 To Go “Back To Black” For The Great Gatsby Soundtrack


Director Baz Luhrmann‘s films are always melodramatically romantic, sumptuously stunning and scored to amazing popular music. But his next film, The Great Gatsby, might even have a better soundtrack than Moulin Rouge or Romeo + Juliet.

The man himself, Jay-Z, is producing The Great Gatsby‘s soundtrack and E! News has reports that Beyonce and Andre 3000 will be contributing their own take on Amy Winehouse‘s famous “Back To Black”.

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Beyonce Registers Support For Same Sex Marriage Via Instagram

Beyonce Supports Same Sex Marriages

If you have yet to figure out why all of your friends’ have changed their Facebook profile picture to a silver “equals” sign against a red background, it probably means that you need to broaden the scope of the websites you visit. For the rest of you, the topic that’s naturally on everyone’s mind this week is same sex marriage, as the Supreme Court is currently investigating whether or not DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act) should be upheld or stricken from the books. Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people are registering their support for the Supreme Court to overturn the act by changing their Facebook profile pictures, but Beyoncé took it a step further: She posted a handwritten note supporting same sex marriage to her BaddieBey Instagram account.

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