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Rumors Surface That Madonna Might Be Joining Kylie Minogue For A Duet On UK TV

Yeah you read right — the rumor mill is in overdrive with whispers that Madonna might be joining Kylie Minogue for a duet in a UK television special celebrating the Australian pop-star’s career. The details surrounding the proposed TV special are shady at best, with the UK’s tabloid The Mirror reporting that the special will feature duets with Kylie’s sister Dannii, Nick Cave, Jason Donovan and, apparently, Madonna herself. The duet would make perfect sense too, as Kylie is essentially the antipodean mirror image of Madge — Kylie began her recording career in 1987, while Madonna released her first album in 1983, both have since released 11 hit albums, and both have new albums due for 2012. The longevity of their respective careers, responsibility for shaping pop music through the 80s and 90s and true superstar status have made both women icons of pop music, and we’re pretty sure there would be a lot of pants-wetting going on amongst fans should they take to the stage together. Of the rumor, Kylie tweeted: “it’s just a rumour, but of course it would be amazing!! maybe one day:)” so keep your fingers, toes, and all other external appendages crossed, folks!

UPDATED: Madonna And Kylie Minogue Duet Rumored For UK TV Special [Idolator]

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Last Lap: Jay-Z Cashes In On Occupy Wall Street With A New Line Of T-Shirts

Jay-Z Launches A New Line Of T-Shirts Inspired By Occupy Wall Street
Rapper Jay-Z is about to launch a line of t-shirts inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests. The t-shirts are emblazoned with the slogan “Occupy All Streets,” however, Jay-Z has yet to pledge any of the proceeds to the cause. [Huffington Post]

The Big Four In The Music Industry Are Now Just The Big Three
After being on the block for nine months, it was announced today by Citibank that EMI, one of the last four of the “major labels” in the music industry, is being sold off. In a confusing twist, the recorded music division of EMI will soon become a part of the Universal Music Group, while the publishing arm will become part of Sony. [NPR]

Kylie Minogue Announces The Release Of A New Album In 2012
The pop-veteran that just wont quit, Kylie Minogue, has announced that she will be releasing an album in 2012 to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the release of “Locomotion.” Move over Madonna! [NME]

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VH1’s Top 100 Videos of 2011 … So Far, Part II: #50-11

Yesterday, we introduced you to the upper reaches of our Top 100 Videos of 2011 … So Far list, serving up the #100-51 videos that you’ve been clicking on most so far this year. Although a hefty portion, consider that first installment just an appetizer for today’s first course and tomorrow’s main entree. Going a bit deeper into the list, we now give you #50-11, inching closer and closer to #1.

50. Train, “Hey, Soul Sister”
49. Goo Goo Dolls, “Notbroken”
48. Jennifer Lopez, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”
47. Jennifer Hudson, “Where You At”
46. Beyonce, “Run The World (Girls)”
45. My Chemical Romance, “SING”
44. Adam Lambert, “If I Had You”
43. Fitz and The Tantrums, “Money Grabber”
42. Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow, “Collide”
41. Bruno Mars, “Just The Way You Are”

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