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Banned Bands: 20 Musicians Who Have Been Barred From Entire Countries

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We hear about rock stars getting banned from Holiday Inns all the time, but it takes a special kind of skill to get yourself banned from an ENTIRE COUNTRY! That’s dedication, friends. But still, that’s happened to quite a few musicians over the years!

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2013 VMAs: Lady Gaga Earns Your “Applause”

Lady Gaga found herself in an unusual position last week: Second place. By rushing “Applause”—the first single from her highly anticipated ARTPOP LP—to market in order to combat leaks, she placed herself in direct competition with the juggernaut that is the Katy Perry Machine. So when Gaga came out on the losing end of that battle, the pressure on her to deliver a stunning opening performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards really intensified. And guess what? She delivered.

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