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Beyonce (And Her Nipples) Join This List Of The Top 10 Most Controversial Concert Outfits Ever [POLL]

Top 10 Most Controversial Concert Outfits

Beyoncé caused quite an Internet stir yesterday when pictures emerged of her wearing a nipple-baring outfit on her new “Mrs. Carter World Tour” that would make even Joel Schumacher blush. It’s definitely the raciest outfit that she’s ever been spotted in, which got us thinking about where this outfit ranks among the most controversial concert outfits of all-time.

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Lady Gaga’s 100 Most Outrageous Outfits Of All Time

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Be honest, what was your formative memory Lady Gaga? Was it her insanely catchy tracks? Incredibly theatrical live performances? Her powerhouse of a voice? Yes, those are all awesome things. But if you were like us, the first thing you knew about Gags was “Whoa, this lady wears some crazy s—!”

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Lady Gaga’s Born Brave Buses Are Driving Change

Lady Gaga‘s long-awaited follow-up to Born This Way, ARTPOP, won’t be out until later this summer, and she’s currently recuperating from the hip surgery that forced her to cancel the last leg of her tour. However, as we’ve all learned by now, she’s not the type to rest on her laurels. Enter the Born Brave Bus Tour. Read more…