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Duet Albums We Wish Would Happen

duets-lead copy

Who doesn’t love a good duet? There’s something exciting about when two artists come together on a song and create something special. The right pair knows how to blend their vocals, merge their best assets and play off each other’s talents. Brandy and Monica knew how to do this when they recorded “The Boy Is Mine.” Although it was a huge hit, that’s all fans got. We never got a second duet single or even an album. That’s a real shame considering how those two would have brought the house down with an entire record. The same goes for regular collaborators, Beyonce and Jay Z, or Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez. These artists make up the list of duet albums we hope that happen!

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The Voices Behind The Hits: 10 Demo Versions Of MONSTER Songs (Sung By The Original Writers)


Hit-making is a collaborative process, with many hands and minds going into the mix to create a finish product. Don’t believe us? Check the credits for your favorite song in the charts today! In among the seemingly dozens of names you’ll find the one tunesmith who had the original germ of the melodic hook…and sometimes even the whole song! Most of these songwriters are unsung heroes (see what we did there?), names and faces unfamiliar to the masses despite the hours of pure pop pleasure they’ve given us over the years. Today we’ve decided to honor them by sharing their original demo versions of some of their greatest hits. Read on and enjoy the original voices behind the songs!

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What Are The All-Time Funniest SNL Sketches Starring Musicians?


Drake served as both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night, marking the 27th time in the show’s 38 seasons that an individual was asked by Lorne Michaels to pull double duty; if you’re keeping score at home, Lady Gaga also did double duty back in November. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Drake act, but any traces of rustiness were not apparent when he stepped on stage in Studio 8H last night. More on his work momentarily, but first, we’re curious: What other musicians did the best job of being hilarious during sketches AND singing their faces off?

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The Best All-Female Duets Of All Time

all-female duets

With the release of Shakira and Rihanna’s new duet, “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” we are reminded of all the female pairings to come before them. In fact, this is Shakira’s second time collaboration with a fierce R&B lady. Meanwhile, a number of pop’s biggest stars made duets a regular thing in the ’90s. Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand led the charge and recently Beyonce and Lady Gaga have picked up the slack. But what’s the best duet of them all? Check it out and sound off in our poll.

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What Is Going On With Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want?”

lady gaga r kelly

Whether or not you think that ARTPOP was one of the highlights of 2013 or one of its disappointments, everyone has to agree that something very strange is going on with Lady Gaga‘s second single off the album, “Do What U Want.” Not only has the Terry Richardson-directed music video been delayed, but Gaga released a new version of the single featuring that replaced R. Kelly’s vocals with Christina Aguilera‘s. Is it all because of behind-the-scenes creative concerns or is Gaga distancing herself from R. Kelly? What’s true? What’s false? What is happening in the land of Gaga?!?!?

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The Biggest Flops Of 2013

biggest flops of 2013

While we like celebrating the biggest comebacks, our favorite songs and albums and all the insanely awesome GIFs, sometimes things are just a flop. This year was filled with a number failures, whether it was albums (sorry, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake), music videos (all Kanye) or reunions (98 Degrees had nothing on the competition). Unfortunately for these artists, things didn’t work out. Here are the biggest flops of 2013:

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Looking Back On Music’s Big Year In GIFs

music year in gifs

2013, like any other other year, had its ups and downs, surprises, snubs and WTF moments. But unlike any other year, every essential moment in 2013 was captured and preserved in GIF form. We no longer had to dig through YouTube to watch a 30-second ad before a 15-second video splice of an award show performance gone wrong. All we had to to was turn to Google and image search, “Miguel leg drop GIF.” Boom, the results were full of animated pictures showing you exactly what you wanted to see from the Billboard Music Awards.

So, let’s take a look back on this year in GIFs.

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What Was The Best Thing About Lady Gaga + Christina Aguilera’s “Do What U Want” Duet?

Say what u want about ARTPOP, people, Lady Gaga has been reminding us that she is still the queen of live spectacle — and that’s no small thing these days. Last night, she brought the house down on The Voice, singing for the first time with sometime rumored rival Christina Aguilera. Though we knew in advance that it would happen, and though we’ve watched it a number of times since, we still think it was one of those moments that made people happy they were watching live TV. Lame, groping, girl power … here’s our own countdown of everything that was amazing about it:
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