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Five Artists Who Rep America Through Thick And Thin


Happy July 4th, everyone! In honor of America’s 237th b-day, we thought we’d pay tribute to five patriotic artists who have been known to rep the US of A through thick and thin. Many musicians (rightly!) use their art as a way to criticize things about the American country and culture that they feel are in need of change, but the five artists that we have selected here are about as pro-America as you can get.

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Celebrate The Fourth Of July With The Most Patriotic GIFs In Music Video History

Happy birthday, America! Over the course of your 237 years, many of music’s biggest names—superstars like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and more!—have paid their respects to your broad stripes and bright stars in their videos. In honor of the 4th of July, we’ve put compiled these moments into what just might go down as the most patriotic GIF Wall in history. Ain’t that America?

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The 10 Best Remixes Of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Remixes

Some artists just sound better remixed. Case in point: Lana Del Rey. Her drawl works surprisingly well with a number of different sounds, including dubstep, ’80s synth, techno, even Jay-Z. Her songs lend themselves to the creative appeal of remix artists who have mastered taking her sound to a whole new level. That’s why she’s the first artist on our list to get the Remixology treatment. Listen to 10 of the best takes on the singer’s best songs, including “Video Games,” “National Anthem” and the Gatsby single, “Young & Beautiful.”

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SoundScanner: 98 Degrees Reunion Fails To Heat Up, While Gatsby Triumphs


Much like the parents of the creepy undead toddler from Pet Semetary learned, Nick Lachey and his bandmates in 98 Degrees found out the hard way this week that some things are better left dead. Meanwhile, Jay-Z‘s involvement in the The Great Gatsby soundtrack paid huge dividends. Here’s a look at those two stories and the rest of the big news from this week’s Nielsen SoundScan chart:

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Remix Rewind: The 10 Best Jay-Z Mashups Ever

10 Best Jay-Z Mashups

VH1 prides itself on being a mashup of pop culture, so it seems only fair that we turn our attention to mashups of the musical variety! Although sometimes frowned upon for teetering towards copyright infringement, blends done with exquisite skill create a track that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Done right, a mashup enhances both songs, allowing us to discover new sonic possibilities contained within sounds that had become stale and boring. If that ain’t art, we don’t know what is.

Since the advent of cheap audio editing software and websites like YouTube, it’s become much easier to create and share “revisions” of well-loved tunes. These DJs work hard on their tributes, and so we’d humbly like to offer a showcase for some of our favorites. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Remix Rewind!

To get us started, we tapped Jay-Z to head-up our inaugural post. Mr. Shawn Carter helped spark our love of mashups back in 2004, when his Black Album was expertly mixed with the BeatlesWhite Album by DJ extraordinaire Danger Mouse, creating (what else?) The Grey Album. The best of two (very different) worlds blew our 16-year-old mind at the time. So now we’d like to check out 10 other awesome uses of Hova’s verses and beats. Enjoy!

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The Top 20 Things Your Favorite Musicians Do When They Get High

What Do Musicians Do When They Get High?

For most of you, today is simply Saturday, April 20. However, we just KNOW there are a bunch of you out there who have been counting down the days on your calendar for today, particularly those of you who smoke the occasional (or not so occasional) joint. Yes, today is 4/20, a day that marijuana enthusiasts the nation over celebrate with blunts, spliffs, bongs and vaporizers. As a way to acknowledge this the intersection of ganja and music, we thought we’d do some lyrical analysis of musicians across a variety of genres— we’re talking everyone from Jay-Z to The Beatles, from Lana Del Rey to Rihanna—to find out what they do when they get high.

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SoundScanner: Who The Heck Is Chris Tomlin And Why Does He Have The Country’s #1 Album?


Chris Tomlin —who?— debuts at No. 1, trailed by the scary dudes in Hollywood Undead. Here’s a look at this week’s Nielsen SoundScan sales figures:

CHRIS WHO?: Chris Tomlin tops this week’s chart with his seventh album Burning Lights, which sold 73,000 copies this week, according to Nielsen SoundScan figures released Wednesday. OK, so who is Chris Tomlin? He’s a 40-year-old contemporary Christian artist from Texas whose previous chart high came in 2008 when his album Hello Love debuted at No. 9. Tomlin benefited from a weak sales frame —this week marks the lowest sales tally for a No. 1 album since September, when another Christian act, tobyMac, hit No. 1— and his numbers were buoyed by sales at churches and other non-traditional outlets, which accounted for a full 40 percent of the album’s sales, Billboard notes. Guest artists on Burning Lights include Lecrae, Kari Jobe and Phil Wickham; Tomlin must not have 2 Chainz’ most recent phone number.

P!NK GOES PLATINUM: Congratulations are in order for P!nk, whose September release The Truth About Love crosses the platinum marker this week. The album, which debuted at No. 1 last year with 281,000 first week sales, sold 28,000 copies this week, landing at No. 12 and bringing its total sales to 1.014 million copies. P!nk is mounting a U.S. tour in support of the album which kicks off Feb. 13 at Phoenix’s US Airways Center, and we’re guessing there will be aerial stunts involved.
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Music’s Biggest Breakout Stars Of 2012

We’re three days away from ending 2012– the year the Mayan’s math didn’t quite add up–with a bang. Before we bid this year adieu we’ve documented the Best Ofs for the past 12 months; so during the next predicted Apocalypse rears its false head, we’ll reminisce on the Crunkest Songs of 2012 or 2012’s 8 Most Underated Singles or the Best Songs of 2012.

Our countdown continues with the 12 of Music’s Breakout Stars of 2012. It’s been a glorious year musically with diverse projects by promising new artists. While Frank Ocean‘s stardom is no surprise, who would’ve expected PSY to sing with Bieber‘s manager Scooter Braun? Meek Mill sketched his name in cement as one of hip-hop’s brightest stars this year transitioning from mixtape storyteller to mainstream success. How good 2013 will treat these breakout stars is unforeseeable, but with raised glasses let’s all toast to the year of stars coming out (no pun intended). Read more…