by (@BHSmithNYC)

SONG PREMIERE: Lecherous Gaze “New Distortion”

Ever since Black Flag grew their hair out and Metallica started covering The Misfits, the twain impulses of punk and metal have been locked in an ever spiraling spasm of split-gene mutation of which crossover and grunge are but two of-their-time examples. Oakland, California’s Lecherous Gaze are the latest gang of not-so juvenile delinquents to throw out the riff rule-book and create something that rocks with the best of whatever form of amplified and aggressive guitar rock you prefer to fixate on. The band releases their sophomore album Zeta Reticuli Blues later this month on Tee Pee Records and, lucky for you, we’re premiering the song “New Distortion” off it, starting today!

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