Lil Wayne Has A Short, Sweet Message For Sandy Hook Elementary School

If it isn’t obvious by now: Lil Wayne loves sports. When there’s a college or NBA basketball game with one of his favorite teams, rest assure he’s nearby. During his one-on-one interview on the Jim Rome On Showtime show Wayne talked about sports and athletes who’ve rapped. On a more personal note the “How To Love” rapper showed his softer side.

The interviewer asked Lil Wayne about his 2010 criminal possession of a weapon conviction, which he served time for in New York’s Rikers Island. Considering last week’s tragic shooting in Newtown, CT Wayne wanted viewers to know if there’s one thing in his life he could change it’d be the whole weapon incident. “Before I leave, I want to say you mentioned that in 2010, I was locked up for a weapon. If there was anything I could do in my life that I could ever change, it’d be that,” he said. Without being asked about Sandy Hook Wayne concluded the show with a message to Newtown, CT. “Sandy Hook Elementary, my heart goes out to you,” he said showing Sandy Hook written on his white tee.

Slews of celebrities sent out their condolences to the families affected by last week’s shootings. Celebrity parents in particular took the news hard. This father of four is maturing. It’s all about growth, Weezy F. Baby.

Lil Wayne Sends Message To Sandy Hook Elementary, Says He Regrets Weapons Charge
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Drake’s OVO Label Finds Home With Warner Bros., And Just Like That He’s Coming For Wayne’s Spot

“OVO that’s major s—, Toronto with me that’s mayor s—.”

Drake is Wayne‘s protege who was Baby‘s protege, which means a rapper learned how to be be a boss and repeat. Baby ran (and runs) Cash Money Records, Wayne eventually branched out with Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and Drake followed suit with his OVO label. The Toronto rapper learned from veterans who created their own labels long before every rap crew in the game had one. According to Billboard, Drake’s OVO (October’s Very Own) has found a home with Warner Bros. The ink hasn’t dried yet, but if all goes as planned and the official announcement is made today, the 26-year-old will soon add CEO to his resume. Read more…


What Is Kanye West Cooking Up For Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II Album Cover?

Kanye West To Design Lil Wayne's "I Am Not A Human Being II" Album Artwork

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Lil Wayne Goes Gonzo In “Fear And Loathing” Themed “No Lies” Video

This new video for Lil Wayne‘s Dedication 4 single “No Worries” returns the YMCMB boss to Vegas, but not for the same sugar fueled and neon lit adventure that “Lollipop” was. Rather, it finds Wayne gone gonzo as journalist Hunter S. Thompson in a tribute to his counterculture classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The loopy Colin Tilley-directed clip features a worry-free Wayne flying down the strip in a convertible, hallucinating a bat attack and wobbling through a casino. This act might have been more convincing back in Wayne’s weed and syrup addled Da Drought 3 heydays, but having traded his skate board and slime boots for aviator glasses and bucket hat, he looks plenty enough the part to assure that this video is a real trip — even if you aren’t on drugs yourself!


Let’s get trippy:

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Paris Hilton Can’t Believe What She Did With Lil Wayne In A New Song Called “Last Night”

Lil Wayne won’t work with just anybody — try asking Justin Bieber, who’s still gotten nothing for all his texting — but for some reason he was willing to do this. Last night TMZ posted a brand new Paris Hilton song called “Last Night,” and lo and behold, it’s got Wayne spitting bars for and about the hotel heiress turned pop star. The song is produced by Paris’ ex-boyfriend, Afrojack, and it finds the two recalling a rowdy evening prior. “I want to say, ‘Oh my god, that was so much fun’!” Paris sings, typically dulcet and ever enthusiastic. Wayne chimes in to agree that “last night was awesome, super f*cking awesome,” and then kicks the raunch up another notch with a reference to Paris’ infamous sexcapade: “Last night I had fun with her/ I got 99 problems, not one with her/ And excuse my French, but f**k the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris.”

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Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne Reunite For New Track Called “High School”

Despite being her earliest champion and mentor, a prison stint kept Lil Wayne from chipping in on Nicki Minaj‘s 2010 debut Pink Friday. He made up for that absence by contributing two verses to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, “Sex In The Lounge” and the album’s title track, and now he’s lent her another for The Re-Up. “High School” hit the internet last night, and while it’s not as hard-hitting as, say, “I Get Crazy,”  their collaboration from her 2009 Beam Me Up, Scotty mixtape, it’s got a catchy horn and drum driven beat that does well enough to get these two flexing. After their recent bout of four wheeled and fragrance-d distractions, it’s refreshing.

Let’s listen:

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Kelly Rowland Melts The “Ice” In New Video

A switch of the hips is all it takes for Kelly Rowland to get things hot enough to melt ice. The new video for “Ice,” the first single off of Rowland’s Year of the Woman, which is due out next year, is a visual indeed. The warm-toned clip features the former Destiny’s Child girl grown and in but a sliver of an outfit (that may or may not have been leftover from the “Survivor” video), gyrating in pool of water and in an ice cooler. Her collaborator, Lil Wayne, shows up eventually, but only as a pair of blue bejeweled lips. And then of course there is an ice cube, but it’s not for long in the sweltering heat Rowland’s worked up.


Let’s have a look.


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The Game‘s Jesus piece has a Jesus piece. Seriously, folks. Not everyone is happy with the cover art for his upcoming fifth studio album Jesus Piece, but his peers seem incredibly comfortable with the project judging by the gaggle of rappers, singers and comedians he has courted for guest appearances. Well, no one can accuse Game of fear of being out shined on his own album. When Game (entourage in tow) stopped by the VH1 offices, we thought it’d be fun to find out if he could rattle off all the features off the top of his head. Get comfortable because this may take a minute. Read more…