The Game Has Umpteen Features On His Forthcoming Jesus Piece Album, Listen As He Rattles Them Off

The Game‘s Jesus piece has a Jesus piece. Seriously, folks. Not everyone is happy with the cover art for his upcoming fifth studio album Jesus Piece, but his peers seem incredibly comfortable with the project judging by the gaggle of rappers, singers and comedians he has courted for guest appearances. Well, no one can accuse Game of fear of being out shined on his own album. When Game (entourage in tow) stopped by the VH1 offices, we thought it’d be fun to find out if he could rattle off all the features off the top of his head. Get comfortable because this may take a minute. Read more…

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Lil Wayne’s Brilliant Deposition Performance Was Not Enough To Win Him The Case

Looks like Lil Wayne‘s brilliant deposition performance was not enough to win Weezy the case. As you’ll remember, earlier this year, Lil Wayne took Quincy Jones’s son to court, alleging that his use of Lil Wayne’s music in the 2009 documentary The Carter was copyright infringement. Yesterday a Los Angeles jury dismissed that case. Turns out there was also a countersuit in the mix, this one raised by Jones and claiming that Lil Wayne “wrongfully limited the film’s profit potential;” Wayne lost that one, too. According to TMZ’s report, when Lil Wayne missed his day in court after suffering a mid-flight health scare, his lawyer was forced to the aforementioned deposition tapes for a less than amused judge and jury. Unfortunately for Wayne, they were were less than amused and have ordered him to cough up a hefty $2.2 million. Ouch!

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Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Over Documentary [TMZ]


Nicki Minaj Endorses These Strippers According To The Tracklist For Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up

Nicki Minaj Releases Tracklist for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up

Can’t knock the hustle. Yes, this girl’s hustle speaks for itself. When Nicki Minaj announced on MTV News the release of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up there were a few major side-eyes. PFRR wasn’t exactly well received by critics. But the Barbz were excited for the re-release with eight new songs including her two recent singles “The Boys” featuring Cassie and “Va Va Voom.” With a little over two weeks until the November 19th release Nicki gave the Barbz a special treat by releasing the tracklist for the forthcoming project. And there’s no verse from Drake. Bummer. Read more…


Lil Wayne Has Yet Another Seizure, Needs To Stay Off Planes For A Hot Second

Lil Wayne Suffers Second Seizure In One Day

We’re no doctors, but we’d suggest Weezy go easy on the aerocraft for the next 72 hours. Just one day after TMZ reported that Lil Wayne suffered “seizure-like symptoms” aboard his private jet, forcing an emergency landing in Texas, the site now claims the rapper was hospitalized again for another seizure. Apparently Wayne was attempting to fly from Texas to Los Angeles when the second seizure struck, and the pilot was forced to land in Louisiana. Young Money crew, maybe it’s time to call Amtrak and see what they can do for Weezy? Or Enterprise? Or just prevent him from flying for a few days?

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Lil Wayne Is “Doing Better” After A Mid-Flight Health Scare

Lil Wayne is “doing better” after suffering from a mid-flight health scare yesterday, TMZ reports this morning. The private jet made an emergency landing somewhere in Texas, and the Young Money honcho was rushed to the nearest hospital with “seizure-like symptoms.” He’s since checked out. A nerve wracking scenario to be sure, Wayne’s Young Money underlings all seem to have gone about their yesterday’s as normal, and so we have to assume that the “source close to Weezy” meant it when he or she assured TMZ that everything is okay.

As you might remember, Rick Ross suffered a very similar in-flight scare last year around this time and lived to write a song called “Diced Pineapples” about it. We wish for Wayne a similarly quick recovery. And so until we know more, we’ll leave you with this:
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Rihanna And Friends Celebrate Drake With Birthday Cards, We Steal Them From His Trash (Whoops!)

Today is Aubrey Graham’s birthday, and as the talented singing-rapper completes his 26th year of life, he’s smooth-talked his way into the hearts and minds of millions of fans (not to mention his fellow celebrity friends). Likely receiving countless gifts from friends, strangers, and business associates, Drake surely can’t keep each and every token, no matter how personal some may be. And that’s exactly why we decided to raid his garbage.

Dumpster diving is the classiest of adventures, especially when the trash you’re sifting through belongs to Toronto’s golden boy. Invasion of privacy, maybe, but like we’re taught on various reality shows, what’s discarded onto public property is considered free for the taking. Below are our findings: the front covers and inside messages of birthday cards from Drake’s grandmother, Rick Ross, the OVO fam, his Rabbi, Rihanna, the Young Money crew, and Chris Brown are all revealed.

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T.I. And Lil Wayne “Ball” Hard, But Not In The Club

T.I. made good on his promise that his forthcoming Trouble Man would be reminiscent of the Trap Muzik days. “Trap Back Bumpin” proved this to be true. Now, the visual for “Ball” featuring Lil Wayne is further evidence that one thing T.I. knows best– the trap. “Ball” is unarguably a club record. The sped up drums are bound to make someone drop down and get their eagle on, girl. In appealing to the audience that has been with T.I.P. since I’m Serious–before the commercial success, before the movies, before the hit reality show–he takes it back to the ‘hood. Read more…

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Lil Wayne Goes Major League, Sang “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” Last Night At The Giants Game

Lil Wayne is not your average sports fan. A big league rapper to be sure, Wayne harbors a not-so-secret ambition of one day making the Major League. Until he makes the team, he seems happy to be included anyway he can be — sitting court side, writing songs of support and celebrating victories like he scored the game winning point. And last night he came as close as ever, actually taking the field during the San Fransisco Giants/St. Louis Cardinals game to serenade the stadium with a heartfelt seventh-inning stretch performance of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Read more…

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Lil Wayne’s Prison Memoir Gone Till November Will Actually Be Out In May

It’s never to early to begin planning next summer’s beach reading.

As was reported earlier this yearLil Wayne is working with Grand Central Publishing to turn the diary he kept during his eight month Rikers stint into a memoir called Gone Till November. We being avid WeezyThxYou readers, we were very excited by the news. But then Lil Wayne got busy with his skateboarding and his t-shirt shilling, dropping mixtapes and sitting for bonkers depositions — just so many projects that we had forgotten about his writerly ambitions. And so it was a pleasant surprise to see that the project has finally come to fruition. Gone Till November won’t actually be out in November — rather, we’ll have to wait until May 14th, 2013 — but it does have a cover now, and it also appears to be available for pre-order on Amazon. Hooray! Read more…