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Friday Face-Off: Michael Jackson vs. Jennifer Lopez

Whatever mistakes were made on Valentine’s Day (too much chocolate, too many ex texts) let’s hope they weren’t as regrettable as the videos in this week’s Face-Off. It’s only natural to want to document every moment of your boo time when that bastard Cupid first starts pelting arrows, but don’t make the mistake of immortalizing your lurve in a music video like Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez did with Lisa Marie Presley and Ben Affleck, respectively. You tell us, was “You Are Not Alone” or “Jenny From The Block” more cringe-worthy post breakup? Vote after you read our case for each, while we make conversation with these leftover candy hearts and try not to cry into our flat Champagne.  Read more…

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Last Lap: Justin Hawkins Talks About The Darkness; “We All Hate Each Other”

Justin Hawkins Talks About The Darkness; “We All Hate Each Other”
In an interview with Spin The Darkness‘ Justin Hawkins talks at length about the The Darkness, his addictions and personality. Of The Darkness, he says, “we all hate each other. That’s why we make great music. You can’t make fire without friction. Well, maybe you can, but it’s like a chemical fire which would tear your skin off.” There’s lots of other great tid bits in there so when you have a spare moment make sure to give the interview a read. [Spin]

Elton John’s New Record Is “Exciting”
Elton John says his forthcoming record is, “The most exciting solo record I’ve done in a long, long time.” We know we’re definitely ready for the return of the Rocket Man. [NME]

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