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Who Is The Latest Female Singer To Shave Her Head?

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Demi Lovato shared something personal with her Twitter followers yesterday: her hair. As in, an actual pink strand that used to be attached to her head. What? Any Lovatic knows Demi likes to keep her fans in the loop! Read more…

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10 Unexpected Metalheads: Which Celebs Love Banging Their Heads To Heavy Metal?

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We all know what a metalhead looks like, right? They’re big, hairy dudes, covered in tattoos and wearing the prerequisite uniform of denim and leather, as Saxon sang of, covered in patches of their favorite heavy metal bands. Well, take a gander at the following glamorous, well-coiffed, self-professed heavy metal maniacs from the world’s of TV, film, sports and politics and prepare to have your narrow-minded prejudices shattered into a million pieces. Read more…