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Live From The Strip: 8 Rappers Who Should Take Their Act To Vegas

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The Las Vegas Strip has been home to music’s biggest names for decades. Legendary names like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Liberace and many more helped turn a pocket in the middle of the desert into one of the entertainment capitals of the world. Most recently, names like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears have both taken up full-time on the strip.

Proving that even though an artist isn’t churning out the hits as they once did, doesn’t mean their isn’t legions of fans still willing to pay see them do their thing. But where are all the hip-hop residencies?

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Pure Comedy: The 25 Most Outrageous Hip Hop Album Covers Ever

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The 4th wild season of Love & Hip Hop drew to a (predictably) wild close last night with the second installment of their big reunion. Of course, even with all the insanity from the past season, it still isn’t the most outrageous thing to ever happen in hip hop. No, that honor goes to these crazy album covers!

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Behind The Music with Ludacris: Exclusive Web Extras!


Tonight on Behind the Music we put the spotlight on the triumphs and tribulations of rapper, entrepreneur and actor, Ludacris. There’s no doubt you learned loads about this musical master from the show, but we have four special web extras for you that didn’t make the full episode.


Ludacris is one determined guy! After weeks of begging the front desk of a radio station for a job, he finally snagged a spot as an intern. This ultimately led to the explosion of an amazing music career. But what about that infamous “Ludacris” name of his? Well, he had to give it quits temporarily since early morning listeners weren’t quite ready for Ludacris behavior. Fortunately, Ludacris is making his own rules now and thriving. Watch the rest of the clips here.

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We’re Finally Going To Hear Big Boi And Andre 3000 On A Track Together After All These Years

Big Boi came back in the game figuratively screaming, “I will not lose.” Aside from the positive reviews Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors has received, we finally will get the Andre 3000 and Big Boi reunion we’ve impatiently waited six years for. There’s no Outkast album that we know of in the works, but Big Boi is planning on adding a verse to Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter,” which already features 3 Stacks.  Read more…

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25 Modern Day Christmas Songs That Might Be Better Than “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Blasphemy! But someone had to do it. Everyone calm down, I’m not saying that you can’t play Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” until your iPod breaks. All I’m saying is that there is so much more out there in terms of cheerful spirited holiday-themed music that is both modern and mostly listenable.

Let’s put aside our differences and agree that lists are fun. They are also only definite if you actually add them to your holiday playlist. SO: WILL YOU?

Here we go: