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You’re Probably Pronouncing These Pop Star Names Wrong. Don’t Worry, So Are Most People

You might think it’s pretty awesome being a pop star. Think about it: you get to travel all around the world to play your music for adoring fans! On paper it may seem amazing, but you’re forgetting a hidden dark-side to the whole deal. We’re talking about constantly having your name mispronounced. Seriously, from singers Lykke Li and Jhene Aiko, to bands like CHVRCHES and HAIM, it happens way more than you think. Read more…


Brandy’s Two Eleven Revives The R&B Of Yesteryear

Brandy's Two Eleven

Every generation romanticizes the quality of music of their youth, particularly when compared to what’s presently ruling the radio. This statement certainly holds true for 80s babies that came of age in the 90s —like myself— who remember the legion of R&B artists who made soulful music, and to this day yearn for the return of true rhythm and blues. Brandy was among that elite class that shaped my musical memories, and one of the few who has managed to stay around.

As with any artist interested in evolving, Brandy experimented with different sounds on both 2004’s Afrodisiac and 2008’s Human. Diehard fans, who connected so deeply with her debut Brandy and its follow-up Never Say Never, yearned to see Brandy reconnect with the genre and pump some new life into the weakened heart of R&B. The 33-year-old singer wasn’t oblivious to this when she started creating her sixth album, Two Eleven. “I wanted to give my fans something that they’ve been waiting for, that they deserve,” Brandy told me when we spoke in the days immediately following her new album’s release. “For so long they really wanted me to get back to the root of R&B.” Read more…


Brandy’s “Let Me Go” Samples Everyone’s Favorite Swedish Singer Lykke Li

Brandy's "Let Me Go"

Artists love sampling their favorite Swedish singer Lykke Li, the latest being Brandy. As Brandy prepares for the October 16th release of Two Eleven the R&B singer released “Let Me Go” from what’s considered B’s anticipated comeback album. Immediately a mash up of Lykke’s Li’s “Tonight” plays with an added flare thanks to Bangladesh who produced the single. The soft melody over guitar strings and minimum drum beat on the original is now a faster, more bass heavy version. Read more…

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Last Lap: Lil Wayne Will Release A Memoir About His Time In Prison

Lil Wayne Will Release A Memoir About His Time In Prison
This November will see the publication of “Gone Till November,” a compilation of Lil Wayne‘s diaries from the eight months he spent in prison. We’re hoping for some Nicholas Sparks style emotion, and hopefully a movie option, but we also hope that the memoir doesn’t overly glamorize a life of crime. [Billboard]

Drake Gets Plenty Of Hometown Support From Toronto
Drake‘s record sales double the average expected sales in Toronto (which is around 1.5% for artists of the same caliber), with his hometown making up a whopping 3% of his album sales globally, and 40% of his Canadian sales. Now that’s some loyalty right there. [Pop Dust]

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Tuned In: Lykke Li Is Transformative On Letterman

Swedish songstress Lykke Li performed “Silent My Song” from her newest album, Wounded Rhymes, on Letterman last night. Ignore Letterman’s cringe-worthy introduction to the performance, and you’ll find a hauntingly different Lykke Li. Experimenting with a darker side in Wounded Rhymes, Lykke Li metamorphosed from the saccharine sounds of Youth Novel with an naturalness that is soul baring in its honesty. From “Get Some” to “Sadness Is A Blessing” and now “Silent My Song,” Lykke Li is turned inside out in a marvelously macabre transformation.

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Lollapalooza 2011: The Performers In Profile (And Other Onstage Poses) [PHOTOS]

We may not have been able to attend Lollapalooza 2011 ourselves, but the photographers we sent in our stead got some great shots. Yesterday, we shared their fashion roundup of attendees, but of course we wanted lenses be pointed at the stage at least some of the time, and this gallery definitely delivers. Click through for shots of performances all weekend, including shots from must-see sets like Eminem‘s, as well as some great snaps of You Oughta Know alums like Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Lissie, and more!

View Photo Gallery

And our trusty VH1 News team was also on hand, scoring some awesome interviews with the likes of Tinie Tempah, My Morning Jacket, Foster The People, Christina Perri and Ok Go. We’ve got some exclusive video to share with you below.

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You Oughta Know Alum Matt Nathanson Thinks Lykke Li’s Album Is The Year’s Best

Fresh off of his appearance on yesterday’s Big Morning Buzz Live, we had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Nathanson, former You Oughta Know artist and the voice behind 2009′s platinum hit, “Come On Get Higher.” The self-proclaimed “music nerd” constantly suggests that his Twitter followers tap into the experience of listening to artists’ full albums, so every morning, he recommends one LP per day via the hashtag #morningrecords. The tune talk doesn’t stop there for Matt Nathanson, though; with a new album coming June 21st, he has his ears to the street, and since he’s a You Oughta Know alumnus, we were curious to know what artists he thinks are “on the rise.”

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Snap Judgment: The Top 8 Must-See Acts At Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza announced its 2011 festival lineup at midnight last night, with headliners Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Muse, My Morning Jacket, Deadmau5, A Perfect Circle, Cee Lo Green, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley & Nas, the Cars, and Ween sure to a draw massive crowd to Grant Park in Chicago on August 5-7.

But what of the 88 other bands on the Lollapalooza 2011 lineup? Well, here are your eight best bets, listed alphabetically?and including five You Oughta Know artists: Read more…