Top 20 Countdown: Jim Shearer And Ethan Fixell Break Down Hit Song Lyrics


Ever sat down and really paid attention to the lyrics of your favorite songs? You may be surprised at some of the awkward things you are singing about in the shower or worse– in a car stuck in traffic with your windows all the way down. It happens to the best of us. Leave it to host Jim Shearer and special guest comedian Ethan Fixell to decipher the lyrics to “Rude” by MAGIC!, “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor and more in this week’s hilarious episode of Top 20 Countdown.

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Battle of the Summer Jams: Redemption Round


With summer drawing to a close, it’s time to figue out who had the song of the summer. But before we get to the final round, we need to let the losers of each of our previous battles have one more shot at the final brawl. A number of hit songs fell short based on your votes. So does Ariana GrandeCalvin Harris, or Magic! deserve another chance? Or has their time run out for good. It’s up to you to decide and vote now!

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Battle of the Summer Jams: Magic vs. Nico & Vinz

battleofthesummerjamsmagic copy

Welcome back to the Battle of the Summer Jams where each week two hit songs are facing off against each other to find out just which you love the most. Last week you voted Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg into the finals with a commanding 89 percent of the vote. Lil Jon and DJ Snake had nothing on “Wiggle.”

This week features two chart-toppers from Magic! and Nico & Vinz. Both are relatively new acts with songs that are tapping into the laid back vibe of the warmer months. But only one song can join the winner’s circle.

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STOP/WATCH: MAGIC! Performs “Rude” Like You’ve Never Heard Before

We’ve had a lot of impressive acts come and try their hands our Stop/Watch challenge, but MAGIC!‘s performance of “Rude” is something else. This stripped down version of the pop single is full of emotion and truth. Thank goodness it was only 60 seconds long. I don’t think we could handle much more than that!

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