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The Good, The Bad & The Ofay: A History of White Musicians Playing Reggae

Canadian band Magic! had a smash hit and viral sensation this year with their single “Rude.” Its melody and lyrics are pure pop but it’s music and title reference a genre with origins in a far sunnier climate, Jamaican reggae. They are far from the first white musicians to experiment with reggae’s offbeat rhythms and seductive grooves. Since the late 1960’s, some of music’s biggest acts have tried their hand at the style with varying degrees of musical (and chart) success. Read more…

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Tuned In: Blink-182 Make Us Feel 14 Again With “After Midnight” On Conan

Remember your Blink-182 obsession in the ’90s and early Naughties? We remember ours, that’s why we were so excited to see our favorite pop-punk band take to the stage on Conan last night to perform “After Midnight” from their new LP Neighborhoods. “After Midnight” took us for a trip down memory lane, with the sentiment of “Going Away To College” and the dynamic, roof shaking sounds of “Feeling This.” While it doesn’t have the attitude of the kind of stuff Blink-182 gave us in Dude Ranch and Enema Of The State, “After Midnight” is what we’ve come to expect from a more mature, grown up Blink-182, and we love it (plus, there’s nothing we adore more than Travis Barker smashing a drum kit). “After Midnight” is draws on the tortured elements of the Blink-182 persona, retaining hints of teenage romanticism and the absurdist whimsy-realism dichotomy Blink-182 creates with their lyrics and layered beats. After all, how long can grown men sing about alien invasions and doing untoward things to dogs and pirates?

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