VH1 Staff Picks: 14 Amazing Bands You Need To See Perform Live In 2014


If you’re a music lover (or even if you’re not) there are few things greater than seeing a band perform live. At its best, it’s like watching magic happen right in front of your eyes! But we know that tickets sometimes ain’t cheap, and sometimes going to see a show can be a big investment. So your friendly neighborhood VH1 staffers have decided to pool our knowledge (and our ticket stubs) and give our picks for the very best live musicians in the biz. If you ever get a chance, be sure to beg, borrow or steal a ticket, because these folks are not to be missed! And if they’re not touring, then do whatever you can to gain access to their homes and listen to them sing in the shower, because your musical existence will never be complete without these epic performers making sweet love to your ear drums. Get your lighters out, because here are 14 of the best concerts you will ever see…

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by (@JordanRuntagh)

Meet The Beatles: Mark Lewisohn Completes Long And Winding First Volume Of The Definitive Band Bio


Author Mark Lewisohn knows more about the Beatles than John, Paul, George and Ringo themselves. Blasphemy? Perhaps. But he has the footnotes to prove it! Lewisohn’s immaculately researched books have been hailed as Beatle Bibles, and now there’s a new gospel according to Mark. The long-awaited All These Years: Tune In is available at last, presenting the band’s story in a way it’s never been seen before: truthfully and completely.

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Celebrate Paul McCartney’s New Album With Our 10 Favorite 21st Century Macca Tracks


Music lovers rejoiced yesterday as the unsurpassable Sir Paul McCartney dropped his latest long-player, the apply-titled New! With a little help from master producers like Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse) and Paul Epworth (Adele), the record is attracting rave reviews from pretty much anything with a pair of ears. But honestly, do you expect anything less from the former Beatle?

While many “artists of a certain age” have struggled for relevance (and new ideas) in recent years, our very favorite Knight of the Turntable has never had a problem delivering always the goods well into his seventies. The man dominated the face of 20th century music, but it seems like he’s making a stab at the 21st century, too! Just give a listen to our 10 favorite (and under appreciated) latter-year gems from one of the greatest artists of all time. Enjoy!

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20 Awesome Unreleased Beatles Recordings We Want To Hear

20 Unreleased Beatles Songs

Last week we were overjoyed to learn that a new collection of unheard recordings by the Beatles will be hitting stores on November 11th! Called On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2, the double disc is the follow up to their 1994 retrospective that draws on exclusive recordings made for radio titan in the early sixties. The sessions not only include rare live performances of classic Lennon-McCartney originals, but it also features cover versions of songs that were never recorded anywhere else. So we’re about to hear brand new music from the Beatles…how awesome is that!?!

Obviously we’d be thrilled about any offering from our favorite Liverpudlians, but the news got us thinking about the host of other legendary Beatles recordings  that still haven’t seen the light of day after nearly half a century in the vaults. S0me of us raging Beatlemaniacs have had to turn to the hard stuff (low quality bootlegs) to get our Fab Four fix over the years, and we’ve uncovered some gems that would dazzle hardcore obsessives and casual listeners alike. And then there are some mythical “lost” recordings that are just languishing away in a tape box somewhere, unheard by anyone. This stuff keeps us up at night!

Read on to see (and occasionally hear) 20 legendary unreleased Beatles recordings that we’d love to see issued. We’re not trying to be greedy, but if any record execs out there are trying to put together a new compilation together, may we humbly suggest these?

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Paul McCartney’s Got “New” Music That Sounds A Lot Like His “Old” Music, But No One Seems To Care

Paul McCartney has been hearing the same (unfair?) criticism of his musical output for the past fortysomething years, something that goes roughly like this: “Meh, it’s not as good as his Beatles stuff.” This happened with Wings, his collaborations with Michael Jackson, and all of his solo material, due in no small part to McCartney’s aversion to making music that sounds anything like the tracks he wrote with John Lennon. However, on his new single, Macca has teamed up with the acclaimed producer Mark Ronson, the mastermind behind the retro sound of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black and Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics, the results of which sound—dare we say it?—positively Beatles-esque.

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