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12 Artists Who Let Their Fans Perform With Them On Stage


You have to hand it to artists who let their fans perform with them during concerts. Inviting an adrenaline-filled stranger on stage with you is risky business. The situation only yields two equally undesirable outcomes: the star gets outshone (which, believe it or not definitely happens) or they’re stuck with a dumbstruck, panic-ridden mess on their hands. Either way, it’s always funny to watch. Find out what went down when these 12 artists invited their fans to perform together.

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15 Chill Songs You Would Never Guess Have Techno Club Remixes


There are some songs that encourage you to slow down, take a deep breath, pull up a plush over-stuffed chair and contemplate life. And then there are songs that just want to make you leap up and down and fist pump, briefly pause to order bottle service, and then repeat. Rarely do these two kinds of music overlap -until now! Thanks to the magic of beat mixing machines, amateur and professional DJs are turning yesterday’s chill-out tracks into today’s party anthems. Read on to hear a few of the most unique and hilarious, featuring Fleetwood Mac, Dave Matthews’ Band, Enya, Michael Buble, and more!

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