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Friday Face-Off: Angsty-Girl Song Edition!

You know what was better that your angsty teenage years? Everything. But just because that period of extreme insecurity, emotional volatility and irrational arguments with ┬áparents are behind us (mostly), doesn’t me we can’t look back and chuckle at the days gone past. Michelle Branch and Alanis Morissette undoubtedly got me through the days of catty girl-fights, brutal break-ups and inexplicable hostility… towards life. Vote now and decide whether Alanis’s “You Oughta Know” or Michelle’s “Are You Happy Now?” satisfies your rage spells with more fiery finesse. All hail the queens of sass.

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Almost Greatest: 14 Near Misses From The List Of VH1’s 100 Greatest Women In Music

All next week, VH1 will be counting down a list of the 100 Greatest Women In Music. Each weeknight at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning on Monday, February 13, a new hour-long episode of The Greatest will air on VH1, each show focusing in on the merits of the best female artists of the last 20 years and change.

As a precursor to the next week’s reveal, we thought that we’d kick off the discussion by revealing this list of 14 women who ALMOST made the list. They’re all terrific artists in their own right, which just goes to show how amazing the full list is going to be next week. This list of the Almost Greatest goes, as follows (in alphabetical order, natch):

Christina Perri, Ciara, The Corrs, The Cranberries, Danity Kane, Duffy, Enya, Jessica Simpson, Lily Allen, Michelle Branch, Selena, Sinead O’Connor, Sugarland, and Vanessa Carlton.

To find out who DID make the list, be sure to watch VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music special (brought to you by Summer’s Eve) all next week on VH1! And be sure to make your voice heard by tweeting your support for your favorite female musician by voting in our new poll, Who Is The Greatest Female Artist of ALL TIME?


Michelle Branch Makes “Loud Music” With Her Band, Her Beau

Back in June, Michelle Branch was in the building to perform her single “Loud Music” on Big Morning Buzz Live, and it was certainly a good performance. Even still, the song’s called “Loud Music” and Branch played it acoustically (she herself quipped afterward, “It’s not right”). With that in mind, we’re glad to premiere the video for the plugged-in single.

The clip tells two simultaneous stories: the literal one, in which Branch and her band goof off on tour, listening to?and performing?loud music, and the figurative one, told out of chronological order, in which Michelle Branch meets-cute in a record store and she and the dude (who, it should be noted, has some wicked sideburns) “make loud music” together. Branch is too cool and composed for anything so gauche as a Katy Perry stage wink, so you just have to put it together yourself.

“Loud Music” is premiering on air during this week’s VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown Saturday at 9 a.m. ET/PT (after which point it will be eligible for next week’s countdown). Does the clip pass muster? Your vote will help decide.
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