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Check Yo Self Before U Wreck Yo Self! 15 Slang Terms You Should Be Embarrassed To Use

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People. It’s time to reassess our approach to life – after all – the New Year is almost here (I know, sounds totes cray, ryyght?) WHICH brings me to my next point. When one door opens, another door must close… or a mouth. What I mean is, we need to get our vocabularies in check. You might not realize this, but the slang terms you’ve been using  are dating you. Badly. (I’m lookin’ at you ’80s babies.) When we use words that have reached their expiration date, we not only risk vernacular food poisoning, but we put our “cool factor” at risk. And obvi, no one wants that. So please, have a seat, make yourself some Earl Grey and mosey through my comprehensive guide to 15 Slang Terms You Need To Retire.

It’s time guys. It’s time.

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K.Michelle Reveals Next Single, Teases Possible Missy Elliott Collaboration

K.Michelle turned heads at the the premiere of VH1′s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story in New York last night, thanks to a skin-tight gown that left very little to the imagination. In addition to chatting up red carpet guests, K took time to share some news about her own music career–namely the next single off Rebellious Soul and details about her upcoming tour.

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INTERVIEW: Eve Talks Lip Lock, Hip Hop Competitiveness, And What She Has To Say To Her Ex Stevie J


This past Tuesday, May 14, was a good day. I got a chance to kick it with rap veteran and former Ruff Ryder Eve (through the phone) on the official album release day for her first project in 11 years, the much-anticipated Lip Lock. For Eve, it was an activity-laden day filled with seemingly endless phone interviews and appearances, but when I spoke to her, she was absolutely right in the pocket and in her element. During our conversation, not only did Eve share the inspiration for her long-awaited return to music, but also her thoughts on living large in London, sisterhood (or the lack thereof) among female hip-hop artists, collaborating with the likes of fellow female MC Missy Elliott and Snoop Lion, and what she’d say to her former paramour Stevie J if she were to bump into him on the street.

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(Check out Eve’s Style Evolution: Then Vs. Now!)

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Aaliyah’s “Quit Hatin’” Has Surfaced With No Word On The Posthumous Album

An old-new Aaliyah song hit the ‘net making fans miss the fallen singer even more. “Quit Hatin’” is the airy R&B  drum heavy ballad produced by Knotch and Dre Sinatra. It’s the classic tale of a woman’s friends warning her against a new lover. And Aaliyah’s response is for them to quit hatin’. It’s been almost 12 years since the unfortunate tragedy so the vocals are at least  a decade old. Plus, she’s singing about 20″ rims. People have either graduated to 24′s or no rims at all. The production however is much newer than the vocals giving the record a new millennium feel.  Read more…


Happy 34th Birthday To Aaliyah: Remembering The Singer Through A Clip From Her Behind The Music

It will never not be sad remembering the great Aaliyah whose life was taken far too soon in the tragic plane crash in 2001. Today the R&B singer with such an angelic voice would’ve turned 34. VH1 re-aired Aaliyah’s 2001 Behind The Music with new interviews including her dear friend Missy Elliott. During the hour special you’re reminded why her life and music touched people in the way it did. Aaliyah was the voice of a new generation of women while not alienating men. Read more…


Timbaland And Missy Elliott Are Back At It For “Party Anthem” Ft. Lil Wayne And T-Pain

It’s beginning to feel a lot like yesteryear, and by yesteryear we mean the golden days of the 90s. Who other than Missy Elliott and Timbaland on a track can bring on a rush of nostalgia? Sure it’s not the first time the two have jumped on a track together recently (Missy’s “9th Inning” in September) but the continuation of the duo making music together means there’s only more to come. And this makes us happy.

Despite its namesake, “The Party Anthem” is a pretty chill mid-tempo track featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Missy. Where has T-Pain been? The song gets exciting when Missy comes in with her fast semi-animated flow. “Saying I’m too old to rap, I’ll be rapping til I wear dentures,” she raps. “I’m back on the mic with Timb,” she reminds. After Drake’s announcement of co-producing Aaliyah’s posthumous album without any involvement from Missy and Timb, fans felt slighted. Aaliyah made great music with the pair. (Have we forgiven Drake for this yet?) It’s just good hearing the two friends and collaborators recording together again. All we need is the 2013 version of “Up Jumps Da’ Boogie.”

Timbaland f. Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott & T-Pain “The Party Anthem” [Hip Hop DX]

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BET’s Black Girls Rock Awards Wows With Performances By Ciara, Brandy, Alicia Keys And Surprise Guest Missy Elliott

Black Girls Rock founder Beverly Bond created magic when the former DJ started BGR to inspire young girls of color. What started out as a non-profit for youth empowerment and mentoring, while also promoting positive images of black women in the media, has expanded into an annual BET awards ceremony honoring black women in arts, entertainment, education and other fields who are using their gifts to change the world. This year’s seventh annual star-studded event held at Paradise Theater in the Bronx, NY was hosted by actresses Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King–whose wardrobe changes gave us life! Read more…

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Missy Elliott And Timbaland Are Back For A “9th Inning”

It’s true, Missy Elliott “ain’t quite finished yet.” Last night, she and her other-half, Timbaland, swung by Hot 97 to talk comeback and to debut the first two tracks off of her upcoming album, tentatively titled Block Party. The first we’ve heard from these two in years, and out of the gate they come charging with “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” boasting about their “real rap, real bars” and just about everything else, too.

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