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Watch Idris Elba Stumble Through A Pretty World In Mumford & Sons’ New “Lover Of The Light” Video

Watch with the sound off, and you might think that Mumford & Sons‘ new video for “Lover of the Light” is the prequel to Prometheus. The 6-minute video is directed by and starring the Alien franchise and Hackney’s own Idris Elba‘s, though this time he’s blind and basking in a world so beautiful as to be almost unearthly rather then captaining a misguided mission to Mars for whatever sort of extraterrestrial immortality may be buried there.

We admit that we hadn’t imagined this Elba/Mumford & Sons collaboration possible (as Vulture points out, even Marcus Mumford‘s wife, Carey Mulligan, is several degrees removed from Elba), but the video is well acted, really pretty and totally befitting of the song’s sort of somber reflectiveness, and we’re totally into the meeting of their minds! Maybe the video for “Broken Crown” could be The Wire-themed? Read more…

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Mumford & Sons Documentary Will Show Off The Band’s Good Side

Mumford & Sons are of course talented, charming and let’s not forget stylish in those suspenders, but their quick and steady rise to fame was due in large part to their hard work. Once just a few banjo toting boys in London, they’ve since put in more than many miles touring, selling out small venues and large arenas everywhere they went because their stomps and howls really are that good live.

As they wont do, the band spent this past summer Stateside trekking back and forth the country wide on their “The Gentlemen of the Road” tour, but this time they invited documentary directors Fred&Nick to tag along. They tapped interviews and captured behind-the-scenes footage of the band’s life on the road, as well as the tour’s boisterous finale at Colorado’s beautiful Red Rocks amphitheater (as previewed in the “I Will Wait” video), and they have cut it all into a film called The Road to Red Rocks, out November 26th. From the looks of this first trailer (above), it will spend plenty of time showcasing Mumford & Sons good side — their epic onstage side. Our toe’s already tapping in anticipation.

Mumford & Sons Announce ‘Road to Red Rocks’ Film, Release Trailer: Watch [Billboard]

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Maroon 5 And PSY Battle It Out For No. 1 Spot While Mumford And Sons Land Biggest Debut Album Of The Year

PSY, Mumford & Sons And Maroon 5 Score Big on Billboard Charts

PSY is slowly but surely becoming the next big phenomenon in music with the growing popularity of “Gangnam Style,” which climbed the charts due to its viral YouTube hit. Despite the song’s success it couldn’t ease its way pass Maroon 5‘s “One More Night” to take the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In the closest race between Nos. 1 and 2 since February, “One More Night” kept its No. 1 spot for the third week in a row. “Gangnam Style” was nearly 500 overall chart points away from the coveted head position. Considering how close it was we think PSY should still honor his promise to perform “topless in a place where everyone can watch.” Read more…

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Mumford & Sons Flex Their Americana Muscles With Bruce Springsteen And Bob Dylan Covers

For years now, the fine folks at Daytrotter have been doing a great thing where they open their studio doors to bands, big or breaking, for an extra-stripped down set. Over the years, they’ve featured offbeat and intimate sessions with everyone from Bon Iver to the Avett Brothers, Kid Sister to Dawes (three times over). This week, Mumford & Sons get the Daytrotter treatment. Recorded on their tour bus during a stop-over in Illinois, the eight-song session counts Babel closer “Not With Haste” and a slew of covers, two of which are particularly noteworthy: Bruce Springsteen‘s “Atlantic City” and Bob Dylan‘s “Nine Hundred Miles.”

Dylan and Springsteen are giants in the American music landscape, but British Marcus makes for a worthy Dylan and their signature banjo makes for a dark and stormy “Atlantic City.” And we probably should have expected as much, they being the gang of Brits who sparked an Americana revival. Their first new album Babel had a killer first week out, they deserve this flexing victory lap.

Head over to Daytrotter and have a listen for yourself. What songs would you like to hear them cover?

Mumford & Sons and Friends [Daytrotter]

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Mumford & Sons Are Crushing It: Babel Is About To Have The Biggest Debut Week Of This Year, And By A Lot

Hey ho up and away Mumford & Sons go! Once just a band we thought You Oughta Know, the banjo swinging boys from London have swayed and stomped their way to international stardom over the past few years, and all with only one album to their name. Just this week the band treated their fans to a second effort, Babel, and already its on track to sell more than 600,000 — enough to give them the biggest debut of the year so far. And not just biggest, the biggest by a huge margin: Babel‘s foretasted first week sales more than double first week sales of Justin Bieber‘s Believe  (374,000 records sold), Madonna‘s MDNA (359,000 records sold) and last week’s chart-topper, P!nk‘s Truth About Love (280,000). And they say nobody buys records anymore…

We can’t tell you for certain this happened, but we do have a few sneaking suspicions as to why: Read more…

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Tuned In: Mumford & Sons Stay Grounded On Saturday Night Live

Having proven too tempting last week for Frank Ocean, producers seem to have removed all those cool vintage video games from the Saturday Night Live sound stage. And so instead, in line together at the front of the stage, Mumford & Sons played their performance without any of the skit show’s gimmick and earnest like they’re wont to be. They galloped first through a brass-backed version of “I Will Wait,” and then they returned for “Below My Feet,” something new off of their long awaited sophomore album Babel, which is out tomorrow. Mumford frontman Marcus mostly led the later, looking tired but dapper in his neck-tie and suit vest combo, playing his guitar and the kick drum simultaneously as he wailed along: “Let me learn from where I’ve been, keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn.” Those tuned-in who weren’t already on board with Mumfordmania were surely won over. Read more…

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Mumford & Sons Are Epic In The New Video For “I Will Wait”

Mumford & Sons have been hard at work road since they broke big a few years ago, cutting out only long enough to record a new album to take back out on tour. The time, though, has paid off, and their already impressive live show now appears to be epic. The new video for “I Will Wait,” a song very much about all that time spent away, is cut together with footage shot during a recent show at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and it really shows off what the You Oughta Know artists past have got what they hit the stage. There of lots of panning shots over an enthused audience and close-ups of the hard working band, and the video as a whole takes a scale and grandeur that reaches for that of the Martin Scorsese’s classic The Band doc The Last Waltz. As it should. These guys are really something.

Babel hits shelves September 25th. Until then, we “Will Wait”!

Mumford & Sons Match Grandeur of Red Rocks on ‘I Will Wait’ [RS]

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Frank Ocean And Mumford & Sons To Start Off This Season Of Saturday Night Live With A Bang

Frank Ocean and Mumford & Sons To Perform on SNL

Frank Ocean felt horribly about cancelling a string of European festival tour dates where he was scheduled to take the stage with Coldplay. Along the way Frank has picked up a couple of new gigs, including performing at this year’s 2012 VMAs where we secretly hope he gives us a visual to “Pyramids.” On September 15th, FO will serve as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live’s premiere episode for its 38th season. Wowzers. Can you believe SNL has been around for 38 seasons? The success of Frank’s Channel Orange is shaping up for one blast of a year for the R&B newbie. Read more…

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Wait No More! Mumford & Sons Return With New Track “I Will Wait”

It’s only fit that “I Will Wait,” the first single off of  Mumford & Sons long-awaited Babel come accompanied by a video of the road, passing endlessly behind. The British bluegrass band have come a long way since their days as VH1 You Oughta Know artists, topping charts and rounding the world on seemingly endless tour. And instead of just logging the miles, they put them to work, mining the distance for inspiration and road-testing new material all along the way. As bassist Ted Dwane told Rolling Stone recently, “Being away so much for the last couple of years is inevitably a theme on the record;” and as frontman Ben Lovett explained to Spin, “touring so much and playing so many different kinds of places, especially big ones, affected how we hear ourselves as a band.” And so they return, all the better for the work and wait.

This heartbroken first taste of their new album, a swelling tale of love put on hold, just how worthwhile the wait was. Driven by banjos and punctuated by the the sort of stomping chorus they’re so famous for, “I Will Wait” grows and grows, and then grows and bigger still to fill the venues they regularly fill, before getting quiet so that Lovett can promise, “I will be home, as well as strong strong/And use my head alongside my heart.” The wait, it will be worth it.

Babel hits shelves September 25th.

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Mumford and Sons Are Set To Return With Babel This Fall

Since their 2007 debut, Mumford & Sons have exploded from London porch-stomping, You Oughta Know artists past into the Grammy nominated, chart-topping, Unplugged playing, movie star marrying, scene-leaders they are today. And all this with just one album, Sigh No More, to their name. To be sure, all these years later we still have those twelve tracks in regular rotation on our iPods. But it’s time that the “Dust Bowl Dance” goes on. Thankfully, the Mumford & Sons have at long last confirmed that a sophomore album is on the way. Babel will hit shelves September 25th and will include twelve new songs to take us into the fall.

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