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Was 1994 The Best Year In Hip-Hop? A Look At Classic Albums Turning 20

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After 20 years in the public eye, Nas has been everywhere from the Grammy Awards to Billy on the Street. His most recent achievement, however, is something not even he or his family could have dreamed of. After the National’s Matt Berninger and his brother Tom opened the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival with Mistaken For Strangers, the Queens-born rapper took center stage at this year’s fest with his documentary Time Is Illmatic. The film pays tribute to the acclaimed artist and his breakthrough album, Illmatic, 20 years after its release. Who knew Robert De Niro was such a big music fan?

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Bach & Roll: 10 Modern Songs Written By Classical Composers


If you’re one of those people who swears that they hate classical music, you may want to sit down because you’ve probably been listening to classical music this whole time without knowing it.

Sure, everyone uses the same finite number of chord progressions in pop music (many of which can be traced back to Bach), but it also turns out that some of your favorite hit songs, indie pop gems and classic standards aren’t modern at all. They were ripped off. Your favorite graduation song is Pachelbel‘s “Canon in D Major,” one of Elvis Presley‘s greatest hits is actually a sappy 18th century ballad and Robin Thicke‘s real breakthrough song, “When I Get You Alone,” is Beethoven‘s Fifth.

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What We Learned From J.Cole’s Born Sinner


J.Cole doesn’t walk in the room like he’s a star. The way he moves you can tell he has an affinity for struggle. The struggle keeps him grounded in the southern soil of North Carolina. And although he’s overcome much of what plagued his upbringing, he never wants to forget it. The I’m-still-Jermaine-with-the-chipped-tooth humbleness is what makes it impossible for people to not want him to win. Read more…


14 Couples Who Should Get That Old Thing Back For Valentine’s Day


No pity parties allowed this Valentine’s Day. If you’re not spending the evening with the love of your life, grab your girls or bros and have a “I’m fabulously single” night on the town. The day after the annual day to celebrate love (as if we aren’t doing that all year long!) the blogs will be saturated with how the Jay-Z and Beyonce and Rihanna and Chris Browns of the world spent their night. But we’ve dug into the ex-files to reminisce on love that once was that is no more. Read more…