10 Pop-Punk Covers That Rival The Original Mega Hit

Pop Punk Covers

While metal bands bring a fierce edge to Top 40 songs, many pop-punk bands have also mastered the art of the cover. When these bands throw an unexpected version of a familiar hit into their live set, everyone strains their vocal chords to sing along and the electric vibe is undeniable. If you want to get that feeling when you’re sitting at home or on your daily commute, check out these pop-punk covers of some classics. The bands bring new sounds and punk-rock energy to these popular jams, and you may like them more than the originals.

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by (@SamSpokenWord)

Friday Face-Off: Let It Snow Edition!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Well… almost at least. December is here and we’re looking forward to a whole lot of holiday goodness and snowfall. Within reason of course. What’s better than cuddling up on a wintry night with a good book, a crackling fire and an awesome music video dedicated to snowfall? Nothing, that’s what. And thus, we’ve decided to bring you two great songs sprinkled with so many snowflakes, you’ll want to grab your snow boots – and maybe even your toboggan. Do you think New Found Glory‘s video for “I Don’t Wanna Know” or AFI‘s “Love Like Winter” does a snow day better? Vote now and decide for yourself!

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