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In Search of the Exact Moment When Nick Jonas Became Hot

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Once upon a time, Nick Jonas was the youngest member of a family band. They played songs your mom would like and filmed a few movies with Disney. And then this happened:

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Nick Jonas Covers “Edge Of Glory” And Lady Gaga Swoons

Planning to cover “Rolling in the Deep”? Get in line. Planning to cover “The Edge of Glory”? Get ready to be promoted by Lady Gaga herself. Nick Jonas learned as much when he played the Gaga single, among other covers, on July 1 at a Microsoft Store in Los Angeles. Two days later, Gaga rehosted fan footage of the performance, adding the slate “THE EDGE OF JONAS” (in her favorite font, Impact), and tweeted her praise:

For better-quality footage of the performance, plus its continuation into Bruno Mars‘s “Just the Way You Are” and Joe Jonas’s “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” check this higher-definition fan video.

Lady Gaga Swoons Over Nick Jonas’ ‘Edge of Glory’ Cover [Billboard]