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Fade To Black: 15 Hard Rock Heroes Who Miraculously Cheated Death

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We’ve mentioned many times that rock ‘n’ roll is a dangerous business. Whether it’s through plane crashes, drug overdoses, murders, freak accidents, and even stage mishaps, many of music’s finest have tragically been taken from us long before their time. But then there are some rockers who narrowly dodged the reaper, escaping with some crazy stories to tell!

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Motley Crue Announces Their Final Tour Ever (And They Mean FINAL!)

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With sales of recorded music on the wane and no longer driving the kind of coin they once did, reunion tours by bands looking to line their pocketbooks have saturated the marketplace. Over the course of the last decade or so, the ticket-buying public has gotten wise to these promotional gimmicks, forcing bands to get extremely creative with the value proposition that they set forth for these tours. This has been an overall win for those of us who love live music, making delightful events like the “Hear [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE ALBUM] live in its entirety!” possible. Mötley Crüe is no stranger to the reunion game—they famously put aside their differences and announced a reunion tour back in 2004—but in a press conference held in Los Angeles today, the hair metal hellions upped the ante with a game-changing move: The announced their FINAL TOUR EVER! (Really!)

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Looks That Kill: Nikki Sixx Of Motley Crue’s Most Outrageous Rock Star Fashions

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Today marks the 55th birthday of the man behind Motley Crue, born Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr. in 1958 but better known to us all as Nikki Sixx. This rock n’ roll outlaw has been causing trouble since he was a teenager and also happens to have penned and played bass on some of the greatest anthems in hard rock and heavy metal history. Since forming the Motleys in 1980 he has sold over 80 million records worldwide, survived multiple near-death experiences, formed the bands Brides of Destruction and Sixx:A.M. and penned the memoir The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, chronicling the darkest days of his drug addiction. Through it all Nikki has always had, as Motley Crue once sang, the “looks that kill.” From the leather and chains of Motley Crue’s early days through the glamiest of glam metal fashions at their height and his badass biker chic of recent years, he has displayed unmatched rock n’roll style. In honor of his birthday and his everlasting cool take a gander of 15 of his most outrageous rock star outfits.

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Musicians Take To Twitter To Pay Respects To The Late Etta James

Following the tragic death of legendary artist Etta James today, the music world has expressed profound condolences, many coming in the form of heartfelt Tweets. You can see some of them below, a testament to Etta James’ pervasive influence, her inspirational impact on the music world, and the great loss that is felt by her passing.

Questlove of The Roots (@questlove)

Christina Perri, singer (@christinaperri)

Nathan Followill, drummer from Kings Of Leon

Jessie J, singer (@jessiejofficial)

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