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Big Daddy: Ranking The Rappers With The Most Children

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A Hyper Crush song called “Candy Store” has a verse that goes: “Blessed with a lot of spit, sex with a lot of chicks.” That pretty much explains how these male rappers have fathered many¬†children.

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#RANKED: Mariah Carey’s 43 Best Songs


Today is Mariah Carey‘s birthday, and as a companion piece to Mariah’s 43 best facial expresions, we wanted to celebrate this glorious occasion by counting down her 43 all-time best songs. Since her debut LP, Mariah Carey, dropped back in 1990, no other artist has had the kind of chart success that Mimi has enjoyed: 27 Top 10 singles —18 of which went all the way to #1— and six albums that topped the Billboard 200. So, what we’re saying is that there was a lot of debate about what songs from her amazing catalog should make the list. Read more…