by (@kat_george)

5 Reasons You Must Know One Direction Right This Instant

If you thought the day of the boy band was dead and buried then you, gentle reader, have been severely misinformed. Rising from a third place position in UK The X Factor, British-Irish boy band One Direction signed with Sony subsidiary Syco Records and are now set to be the next big thing in pop. The boys have had huge chart success in the UK, and with their new single, “One Thing,” their catchy, fairy-floss sound is starting to infiltrate our airwaves. So here are five reasons why you must know One Direction right this instant:

1. “One Thing”
Their new single from their debut album, Up All Night, “One Thing,” is a cute-as-pie pop song about pop’s favorite subject, love. As the boys romp around London in the video, there’s an infectious cheekiness to the clip, and it’s definitely a tune you’ll find yourself replaying over and over in your head.

2. They’re going to be on Saturday Night Live
Now, we know how much an SNL appearance means after Lana Del Rey’s controversial appearance earlier this year, so this is a pretty big deal for One Direction, as in, make or break. We’re rooting for “make,” and think it’s pretty cool that the boys have been booked for the iconic show so early in their career. The episode airs on April 7th, 2012.

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