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12 Artists Who Let Their Fans Perform With Them On Stage


You have to hand it to artists who let their fans perform with them during concerts. Inviting an adrenaline-filled stranger on stage with you is risky business. The situation only yields two equally undesirable outcomes: the star gets outshone (which, believe it or not definitely happens) or they’re stuck with a dumbstruck, panic-ridden mess on their hands. Either way, it’s always funny to watch. Find out what went down when these 12 artists invited their fans to perform together.

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Yas Girl Of The Week: Hayley Williams


Paramore’s Hayley Williams has always marched to the beat of her own drum, and now she’s receiving an award for doing just that! Hayley will be presented with Billboard’s Trailblazer Award tonight at the ninth annual Billboard Women in Music Awards. The award celebrates a woman who “breaks from convention to make a unique mark in music and pave the way for other talent.” Hayley will be the first recipient and is the perfect fit! She’s been rocking out with Paramore for ten years now and continues to take risks and inspire a new generation of young rock stars. Yas, Hayley!

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Still The One: Are The Most Romantic Love Songs All About Long-Term Relationships?

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Let’s face it: the world is full of love songs. Full of them! There are countless ballads about unrequited love, scores of tunes about the very first kiss and, of course, tons of painful break up songs. You know what’s far harder to find: love songs about long-term relationships.

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Friday Face-Off: Songs For Lovers!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Aw shucks, we’re just feeling so ooey gooey inside that we decided to share some heartfelt love songs with you. But don’t worry – they’re not too mushy, they’re just totally awesome. Do you think Mary Lambert‘s video for “She Keeps Me Warm” or Paramore‘s “Still Into You” is the better song for lovers? We love them both (and you!) so we need your help to decide. Hurry chocolate is running out! We mean time. TIME is running out. Sheesh, someone better get us a chocolate heart ASAP.
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Pete Wentz And Hayley Williams Talk a Little Smack About Their Bandmates

Ahead of Paramore and Fall Out Boy‘s summer tour, Hayley Williams and Pete Wentz play a little game of “Who is most likely to…” The musicians were put to the test when VH1 challenged them to answer questions related to eating craft services, quitting music to live on a farm, starting a Twitter feud, or getting left behind on a tour stop. Apparently the last one has happened a few times. Has either band ever heard of the buddy system?!

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Surprise Guest Hayley Williams Lends Some “Sugar” To Fall Out Boy’s Super Bowl Blitz Show

After spending Monday evening in Queens with J. Cole and Tuesday night in the Bronx with Janelle Monae, night three of VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz made its way to the borough of Brooklyn. Temperatures outside of the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg last night dipped into the single digits, but things could not have been ANY hotter inside as emo warriors Fall Out Boy frenetically worked their way through 12 high energy songs in the course of an hour, including one that featured a very special guest.

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