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7 Unbeatable Classic Rock One-Two Punch Song Combos


When it comes to certain pairs of classic rock songs, you can’t have one without the other. Even though each individual track stands on its own (some were even released as singles independent of one another), a combination of natural flow, LP sequencing, and habitual radio play have rendered each of these successive tunes into a single entity. As a result, two distinct creations have been compounded into one rocking whole that’s even greater than the some of its already great parts.

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12 At 12: The Dozen Greatest Rock-and-Roll Midnight Movies


Although some hip movie theaters still host regular late-night screenings of modern cult favorites like The Big Lebowski and The Room, the rock-and-roll midnight movie proper is very much a product of a bygone time. That time, specifically, was the 1970s and ’80s. If you wanted to see your favorite group in action between stops on their concert tour, the rock-and-roll midnight movie provided just the ticket. As a result, 12 AM showings of inventive concert films, experimental cinematic interpretations of a group’s output, or crazily original rock musicals became a rite-of-passage for the post-Woodstock, pre-music-video generation.

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Nick Mason Calls Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’ Album A “Graceful Swansong”

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason confirmed the band’s recent album The Endless River, which featured posthumous recordings of keyboardist Rick Wright, is indeed the band’s last in an interview with VH1. “David (Gilmour, Floyd guitarist and singer) has made it really clear he doesn’t want to carry on and sadly it’s not something I can do on my own.” said Mason. The erudite drummer however seemed at peace with the prognosis, adding “So I think we’ll just sort of really enjoy a slightly graceful swansong with this record.” Read more…

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Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason On The Endless River, EDM, And The Band’s Future

Pink Floyd‘s The Endless River is the latest chapter in a musical continuum that has endured for nearly 50 years, and drummer Nick Mason has been present throughout. As their longest serving member, Mason has the distinction of being the only bandmate to play on every album. That’s an impressive run by any standards, but when you look at the group’s tumultuous and complicated history, it’s practically superhuman.

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