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Wha Happened? 2013’s Most Anticipated Albums That Never Came Out

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We are hard at work here at VH1 headquarters burning off the calories we put on over the long Thanksgiving weekend by pulling together our lists of the Best Albums, Best Singles and Best Videos of 2013. As we take a look back, though, we couldn’t help but notice that some of 2013’s Most Anticipated Albums never actually came out! While we were blessed with tons of great albums to listen to this year, there’s still a part of us that can’t help but wonder “How come that Beyoncé album never came out, anyway?” (EDITOR’S NOTE, 12/13/13: Beyonce had an album, after all! She dropped her eponymous album tonight out of the clear blue!) Or, as Fred Willard’s character in A Mighty Wind would say, “Wha happened?”

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It’s 2013 And Psy Isn’t Going Anywhere: “Gangnam Style” Star Lands Super Bowl Commerical

Psy Super Bowl Commercial

The main players may not be set yet, but planning surrounding Super Bowl XLVII continues to come together. We already know that Beyoncé is performing what will likely be a historic, monumental, fabulous halftime show, the likes of which Rick Ross‘ vocabulary has never described, but which personalities–the soon-to-be star, or fringe types–will reproduce Eddie Money-type greatness in between plays? One of the first reports of commercials set to air during the big game is a 30-second commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. The project is a pair of first for both the snack company and the South Korean star, who reportedly completely filming in North Hollywood on Tuesday.

Whether or not his fleeting presence in the ad will help sell additional packages of nuts has yet to be seen.

Gangnam Style’s Psy Just Filmed A Super Bowl Ad [Business Insider]

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The Numbers Are In: Adele, Gotye And Jack White Top Year-End Sales Charts

Nielsen SoundScan numbers are in and the final tallies have been arrived at, and so it seems that 2012’s biggest sellers are Gotye, Jack White and of course Adele. Is anybody surprised?

Taylor Swift put up a good fight late in the year, as did One Direction (who have two albums ranking in the top five) and Mumford & Sons. But once again none could top Adele, whose much beloved 2011 album 21 sold another 4.41 million copies this year to top year-end album sales for the second year in a row (just as she did on iTunes). The blustery Brit’s staying power is impressive, but we can’t imagine that there are enough people left of this earth of ours still sans 21 to enable her to keep this up for a third year. But perhaps she could put out a new album that might earn her another two years at the top?

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