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REVIEW: Can Adam Lambert-Led Queen Keep The Band’s Classic Legacy Alive?


It can’t be easy being Adam Lambert these days. Sure, he’s living everyone’s rock ‘n’ roll fantasy by fronting the rock icons in Queen on a cross-country arena tour. On the surface his life seems to rule in a major way, but I began to think again as I approached Madison Square Garden Thursday night. I had expected to see a mixed crowd of young Glamberts who have followed Adam’s art and antics since his American Idol days, as well as classic rock fans thrilled to hear the vintage songs played live once more. But the well-worn Queen t-shirts were plentiful and the Lambert love appeared few and far between as I took my seat.

He is about to play to a packed crowd of 20,000 people (New Yorkers, no less!), who all seemed to be thinking the same thing: “Can the kid pull it off?” Under pressure, indeed.

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10 Drummers Who Sang Their Hearts Out From Behind Their Kit (So No, Dave Grohl Doesn’t Count But Taylor Hawkins Does)

Let’s be honest, musicians are generally speaking not usually the most athletic people. However, this rule is stood on it’s (drum)head when it comes to those well-muscled percussionists that sit behind the trap-kit. It takes massive amounts of strength, coordination and endurance to master the drums, let alone play them for a typical 40-minute set. If that ain’t enough, there’s a small but multi-skilled set of elite drummers who have been known to take lead vocals while playing their drums AT THE SAME FREAKIN’ TIME! And you thought walking and texting was hard! Read more…

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Heavy Before Metal: Which Classic Hard Rock Albums Are Turning 40 In 2014?

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Last month we told you about 30 Classic Heavy Metal Albums That Are Turning 30 in 2014. Today we go deeper into the history of the loudest genre in music and count down 29 classic hard rock albums that are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. In many ways 1974 was the first year of the ’70s proper. The peace and love aesthetic and musical experimentation of the 1960′s was a fading memory and a whole new generation of kids were ready to party down to the harder rocking sounds that would evolve into full-tilt heavy metal by decade’s end. Read more…

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10 Classic Rockers With Little-Known (And Awesomely Bad) Disco Phases


Disco. Even after almost forty years we still don’t fully understand it. It came on like a force of nature; strong and fast, swiftly devouring everything in its path. It swallowed up formerly rockin’ musicians and in their place left lame overly-catchy songs with throbbing bass. It wasn’t pretty. But by god, it was fun to dance to! It seemed like everyone had a “disco phase” in the late ’70s…even bands that probably wish you’d forget all about it. Read on to hear 10 Saturday Night Fever-worthy tunes from the most unexpected of bands. Strap on your platforms and enjoy!

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Friday Face-Off: Queen vs. Hall & Oates

It’s the last day of no-shave November. Despite the good cause the tradition is for, some of us are glad it’s over. Face it, guys, facial hair does not look good on all of you (ahem, Jay Cutler). But, when done right, it can be epic like the Titans of nose ticklers facing off this week: Queen‘s Freddie Mercury vs. Hall & OatesJohn Oats. Can’t decide who has the better crumb catcher? Check out our thoughts on both while we get the shaving cream ready.

Vote for Freddie Mercury’s chevron-style ‘stache or John Oates’ broomstache after the jump.

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There Are Many, Many People Having Sex To The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Says Spotify

SPOTIFY Sex Playlist

That’s correct, according to Science aka a study done by music streamers Spotify, the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is the most arousing song selection to play during sex. And because this is Science, it is ultimately accurate and someone needs to teach these Spotify users about Sam Cooke or something. More important, men need to stop letting their ladies choose the playlist, because apparently music does not matter as much to men as it does to women in the sack. This, again, is Science:

Dirty Dancing was the top pick for both men and women, although the study’s author, music psychologist Daniel Mullensiefen, also pointed out that men are more willing to adjust their tastes in music in order to ensure “greater success in the bedroom.”

Apparently, Science becomes Science again after you’re finished with carrying watermelons and such, because the number two sex song pick is Marvin Gaye‘s “Sexual Healing”. Ravel’s “Bolero” (which sounds like this) comes afterward.