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Richie Sambora Wants Jon Bon Jovi To Stop “Trash-Talking,” Hints At Possible Return

Richie Sambora Wants Jon Bon Jovi To Stop Trash-Talking

When Richie Sambora was asked to pack his bags and take a leave of absence from the current leg of the Bon Jovi world tour back in early April, Jon Bon Jovi cited “personal reasons” as the cause of Sambora’s departure. Of course, “personal reasons” is generally PR speak for “drug/alcohol abuse,” and knowing Sambora’s well-documented history in that arena, many assumed that he had fallen off the wagon again. Well, as it turns out, Richie has been paying close attention to the rumor and innuendo, and he’s not the least bit happy about it. “Enough with the trash-talking — Jon needs to stop talking about me publicly,” Sambora told the Daily Mail late last week.

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DUI in CAL: Richie Sambora Busted


It was a rough ride for Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora last night. The Jersey boy was driving a lost highway in L.A. when the cops pulled him over for swerving erratically in his black Hummer. When they found that the rocker couldn’t pass field sobriety tests, they carted him away. Three women, one of whom was Sambora’s 10-year-old daughter, Ava, were in the car at the time. The 48-year-old has had both alcoholic and romantic woes of late. He was in and out of rehab in 2007, and has gone through breakups with wife Heather Locklear and girlfriend Denise Richards.