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The Top 20 Things Your Favorite Musicians Do When They Get High

What Do Musicians Do When They Get High?

For most of you, today is simply Saturday, April 20. However, we just KNOW there are a bunch of you out there who have been counting down the days on your calendar for today, particularly those of you who smoke the occasional (or not so occasional) joint. Yes, today is 4/20, a day that marijuana enthusiasts the nation over celebrate with blunts, spliffs, bongs and vaporizers. As a way to acknowledge this the intersection of ganja and music, we thought we’d do some lyrical analysis of musicians across a variety of genres— we’re talking everyone from Jay-Z to The Beatles, from Lana Del Rey to Rihanna—to find out what they do when they get high.

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Chris Brown’s “That’s My P—y” Rant Keeps On Giving

Just another Saturday for Chris Brown and his peeps partying it up in Hollywood when Chris tells the guys in the crowd they have to make it known to all other men who may be checking for their girl, “Don’t make me have to tell you again, but that’s my p—y, baby.” Read more…

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Friday Face-Off 100 Sexiest Artists Edition: Rihanna vs. Beyonce

We know you’ve been following VH1′s 100 Sexiest Artists countdown all week waiting to see who is at the top. Since we’re fellow perverts, we’re giving you a hint: this week’s Face-Off is between Rihanna and Beyonce. Read more…

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Rihanna’s 20 Sexiest Concert Costumes Of All Time


Rihanna heads off on her latest concert jaunt today, where she is sure to shine bright like a diamond all over the planet. Yes, her Diamonds World Tour will bring plenty of amazing songs to the masses, but it’ll also bring plenty of hot costumes too!

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