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15 Years Later: Where Are All Of Santana’s Supernatural Collaborators Now?

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The year was 1999 and like we learned, it was a year in music where anything goes, including the Latin explosion. Thanks to acts like Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, pop music was infused with a Latin flare. Hot on the heels of their success was the return of Carlos Santana. The Mexican-born guitar player and his band returned to the scene in a big way. Fusing Latin, rock, pop and hip-hop, the band not only transformed their sound but dominated the charts for over a year with Supernatural. Thanks to the genius idea to pair Santana with a number of popular musicians at the time — something that has been replicated by a number of aging rockers — the group was suddenly relevant to a generation of millennials that consumed music through TRL. And the formula worked. Supernatural went 15x Platinum and won eight Grammy Awards.

But as the group aged, so did the collaborators on Supernatural. On the fifteenth anniversary of the alumb, wanted to look back on the “hot artists at the time” that contributed to band’s success and figure out where they are now. (Check out the gallery above to see how your favorite musicians have aged.)

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VIDEO PREMIERE: LeAnn Rimes And Rob Thomas Have Combustible Chemistry In “Gasoline And Matches”

LeAnn Rimes is one of the best-selling artists in the history of country music, as well as the star of VH1’s upcoming reality show, LeAnn & Eddie (coming in 2014). Her latest album, Spitfire, dropped this summer and contains a mix of originals and covers. Her latest single, “Gasoline And Matches,” is from the latter category—it first appeared on Buddy & Julie Miller‘s award-winning 2009 album, Written In Chalk.

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Matchbox Twenty Risk Third-Degree Burns For That “She’s So Mean” Girl

Though Rob Thomas and Paul Doucette have been doing this for years now, it’s still not easy. VH1 News caught up with the boys from Matchbox 20 on the set of the video for the first single off of their fourth studio album, North, and Thomas confessed that he still “feels silly” sometimes. “She’s So Mean” is the classic pop-song ode to a guilty-pleasure girl, the kind who invites you to the club than leaves with her friends, who “makes you so blind but you don’t mind.” Like “a drug,” Thomas says. “Everybody’s been in that relationship.”

Not everybody, though, would risk actual third-degree burns for it, like the guys did for their fiery new video. “Psh-sha, forget that, we’re just going to set him right on fire,” Thomas joked of their fire marshal mandated fire retardant gear. “I’m just going to take a Bic to his leg and light him up.” They sure don’t call them matchbox for nothing!

Watch the full interview above, and check out the racy “She’s So Mean” lyric video below. North is out September 4th. Read more…


Ask Rob Thomas Anything You Like!

Rob Thomas, pop star, good guy, and humorous fellow, is always up for an adventure. So this Friday, June 19, he’s sitting down in Manhattan to answer an array of questions from his New York fans. We’re going to shoot the whole thing and put together one of our famous video packages. You liked Ask Weezy? You enjoy Ask Brooke? Get ready for Ask Rob Anything.

Because he’s a renaissance man of sorts – acting silly on on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, acting smart in the Huffington Post -? he’d like questions to be as broad as possible. Sports, politics, movies, any and all music queries – let it ride.? Hit the comments field below to post your questions and we’ll feed ‘em to the man asap.

Hope you know that Thomas’ new cradlesong CD is being released on June 30. We don’t want you to wait that long, so we’re streaming the entire CD for the next two weeks. Have a listen on The Leak.


Music Videos: Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

No need to sign him up for Celebrity Rehab 3! He?s handling those drug problems on his own. After a four-year hiatus it was questionable if the best-selling hip hop artist of all time could still kick it, but with loads of promotional buzz leading up to the new Relapse, Eminem has proven himself once again. Leading us down a path of addiction and abuse flashbacks, the Marshall Mathers we?ve known for over a decade is as provocative as ever on the new disc.

The wacky video for debut single ?We Made You? mocks celebrity and its power. Did you ever think you?d see Em as Bret? Combine that with his extremely dark clip for ?3AM,? and its obvious Slim Shady hasn?t lost his flair for controversy! It pays off. He recently set the charts on? with the highest debut record sales of the year so far.

Also returning from some time off is Rob Thomas, whose new solo album, Cradlesong, hits stores on June 30th! Even after taking a break, both of these guys are working to confirm they still got it, moving into the spotlight without breaking a sweat.

Our ?Leading Men? playlist features Rob?s ?Her Diamonds? (with a cameo from Alicia Silverstone!) alongside Em?s more scandalous vids. Check it out right now. David Cook, Kanye West and other dashing gents will also be found there! – Lacey Seidman


SAFETYSUIT: You Oughta Know This Band

If a band can overwhelm you with a first flourish of sound, there?s a good chance that you?ll be impressed forever. SAFETYSUIT likes to make a big splash. That?s why they blast their way through ?Someone Like You? to kickoff their disc, Life Left To Go. They?re asking questions all over this album: how much emotion can one relationship handle? What do you do if you believe the end is near? Isn?t holding on better than letting go? Singer Doug Brown, guitarist Dave Garofalo, bassist Jeremy Henshaw, and drummer Tate Cunningham love their music to punch the air ? fierce yet graceful, their songs have a way of soaring. They know about catchy refrains, too. Fans of Rob Thomas and U2, the southern boys (Nashville via Tulsa, y?all) bend their influences to come up with something unique. The are one of our latest You Oughta Know bands. We spoke with golfing fiend Brown about a variety of subjects.


It?s weird, right? R&B isn?t my main focus, but I like Ray Charles. Unless of course we?re going to go straight to Brian McKnight, and then I?m going to go with ?Back At One.? If you say you don?t have a favorite Brian McKnight, you?re a liar.


Well, I saw Faith Hill downtown at a Mexican restaurant ? you don?t expect to her when you?re reaching for a taco.


Great question ? ha! He?ll kill me for saying it, but Tate our drummer appreciates every single Sting song ever. But if you actually listen to every Sting song ever, you?ll find that some are not worth appreciating. He?s got lots of great ones, but some you have to say ?that just might be one of his weaker songs.?


That will reveal the depth of what we?re into. I?d say U2, Springsteen, Coldplay ? we all know they?re great. Though lately [there?s some differences about] ?Outlaw Pete? on Springsteen?s new album. I think it?s brilliant. The story is awesome, and the fact that he calls him Pete is great. Not everyone agrees. One of our promo guys is a massive Springsteen fan, and we go ?Hey ?Outlaw Pete,? awesome, right?? And he says ?Ehhh?? But turn it on, and I guarantee you?ll fall for it.


I did it yesterday, when I was playing golf with Jeremy. It said ?Playing golf with great friends?and Jeremy.? He actually got the update while we were on the course.


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