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Five Memorable Moments From Lady Gaga & The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular

Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular

There is certainly a perception in the world that Lady Gaga is a World Class Weirdo, and her reputation for eccentricity is certainly something that Gaga’s camp has milked over the years. Some would argue that Gaga has gone to the weirdo well once too often, and her lack of relatability is one of the primary reasons that ARTPOP has been underperforming against its expectations. To her credit, Gaga seems to have recognized this flaw in her brand strategy and has been working overtime of late to humanize herself. Her widely praised appearance on SNL last month was her first successful step in this direction, and we feel that anyone who watches the cable premiere of Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular on VH1 this Saturday, December 7th at 7PM/6C will definitely gain a new appreciation for Miss Stefani Germanotta.

With that said, here are the Five Most Memorable Moments From Lady Gaga & The Muppets‘ Holiday Spectacular!

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RuPaul Is Serving Up Some Sexy “Peanut Butter” To Help You Get Through The Snowstorm [NSFW]

If you’ve been keeping up with weather reports, those of you on the East Coast will need something to do between now and when the storm clears–and Justin Bieber doesn’t hit Saturday Night Live for another 32 hours. With the impending arrival of Nemo, in all its white and not-so-cuddly glory, we thought it would be appropriate to give a few activities to pass the time. Enter the Ru.

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25 Modern Day Christmas Songs That Might Be Better Than “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Blasphemy! But someone had to do it. Everyone calm down, I’m not saying that you can’t play Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” until your iPod breaks. All I’m saying is that there is so much more out there in terms of cheerful spirited holiday-themed music that is both modern and mostly listenable.

Let’s put aside our differences and agree that lists are fun. They are also only definite if you actually add them to your holiday playlist. SO: WILL YOU?

Here we go:

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MTV Memories: 30 Of The Most Memorable Moments In MTV History

As we near the end of our celebration of MTV’s 30 birthday, we figured it would be apropos to look back at thirty of the moments that defined the channel. Now, we easily could’ve listed 30,000 reasons why we love our MTV, but we’ll just have to wait until MTV’s 30,000th birthday to publish that list. For now, enjoy this cornucopia of memorable reality shows, groundbreaking music videos, hilarious interviews, jaw-dropping moments of violence, and celebrity beef.

30) Kurt Loder Prevents A Full-On Brawl Between Madonna and Courtney Love
The scene: The 1995 Video Music Awards. During a post-show interview with the unflappable Kurt Loder, Madonna gets pelted with a compact thrown by the Queen of Grunge, Courtney Love. (Heroin-fueled) hilarity and awkwardness ensues.

29) “Paint The Mutha Pink”
This memorable promo for a 1984 MTV contest was pegged to the release of John Cougar Mellencamp’s album, Uh Huh, which featured the eighties heartland anthem “Pink Houses.” The grand prize winner received a house in Bloomington, Indiana (Mellencamp’s hometown), which came with a special paint job: Pink.

28) Totally Pauly
Hey buhhh-deeee, don’t go weezin’ all the juice! After landing a gig as a VJ in 1989, Pauly Shore went from being an unknown stand-up to a major motion picture star inside of two years.

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Diva Battles: Donna Summer Vs. RuPaul

“VH1 Divas” is back and airing live on Thurday,? Sept. 17 at 9PM EST. In honor of this iconic event we?ve got some of the best performances from past Divas shows, duking it out in an A-List caliber cage match. Check out the clips and vote for your favorite in the poll above, and don?t forget to check out the official VH1 Divas site for more videos, photos and news about the upcoming show.

In the ring today: Donna Summers and RuPaul!

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