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You Won’t Believe How Good Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” Sounds In Just 60 Seconds


Sure, creating a hit song is hard, but try shortening that hit into 60-seconds of earwormy genius and you’ve got VH1’s Stop/Watch which has artists like Sara Bareilles throwing down her Billboard 100 track “Brave” in under a minute. Just when you thought that song couldn’t be more addictive.

Our You Oughta Know alumna isn’t the only singer stepping up to our music challenge. Goo Goo Dolls reworked “Rebel Beat” while YOK alums JOHNNYSWIM and fan-picked Russell Taylor bravely served up abridged versions of “Don’t Let It Get You Down” and “War of Hearts,” respectively. Check out our video gallery to see if they all beat the clock.

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Forget Music Videos, Russell Taylor Loves Performing Live

For many, the shower is the one place where we can pretend to be BeyoncĂ© without the judgment of strangers. It’s a safe space where we can live out our wildest performance fantasies, even if our vocals wouldn’t normally get us past Simon Cowell‘s doorstep. Continue to sing in the privacy of your own bathroom if you must, but Russell Taylor prefers a more prominent stage of his own. “Performance isn’t just for the fans, it’s also for me,” our December You Oughta Know artist explains. “There’s no other place I’d rather be than onstage performing.”

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