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Mandy Moore Is Working On A New Album With Her Husband Ryan Adams

In the 13 years since her debut, Mandy Moore has taken up acting, gotten married, and — so it seems, with the good influence of her singing/songwriting hubby — grown out of her pop princess days and into a more mature sound. Moore has revealed that she’s at work on the follow-up to 2009’s Amanda Leigh, and that she’s getting help from her Ryan Adams for this next round. As she tells CBS News, the two have “been writing a little bit together” and Adams “has a studio, so I definitely want to make my record there.” The collaboration is more than one of just convenience, though, as Moore also credits Adams with broadening her musical horizons. “There’s tremendous influence right now around the house — from music I’ve been introduced to, and being very happy and in a healthy, happy relationship,” she said. “I think that still garners a lot of material to write about.” Aww! Fueled by more than just the sugary sweet calories of “Candy,” this love-felt return will be something to watch for.

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Tuned In: Ryan Adams Gives A Candid Performance Of “Lucky Now” On Letterman

Alone on stage with nothing but a guitar, a flop of hair and his angelic vocals, Ryan Adams gave what felt like quite a candid performance of “Lucky Now” on The Late Show With David Letterman last night. Indeed, watching the show, even from the comforts of our own living rooms, we felt like Adams was performing exclusively for us, so captivating and intimate was his gentle voice and guitar strumming. Adams’ performance was sweet and refined, while at the same time being somewhat soul revealing, as the singer let himself be vulnerable under the spotlight.

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