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Last Lap: Jay-Z Is Being Sued For Using A Sample Without Permission In “Big Pimpin’”

Jay-Z Is Being Sued For Using A Sample Without Permission In “Big Pimpin’”
Seems like hubby Jay-Z is following in the footsteps of wifey Beyoncé and is being sued for using a sample in his track “Big Pimpin’” without permission. We hope there’s still enough of a parent team left after all the legal action to look after Baby Bey-Z! [Prefix]

Courtney Love To Be Evicted From Her New York Rental Pad
Courtney Love has allegedly trashed her New York rental pad to the point where the owner is taking action to have the petulant rock star forcibly removed. She’s also apparently way behind of rent payments — get it together, Courtney! [NME]

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Last Lap: Katy Perry Threw A Wild West Themed Birthday Party And Yeah, It Was Sexy As Hell

Katy Perry Posts Photos Of Her 27th Birthday Party In LA Last Weekend
Katy Perry celebrated her 27th birthday last weekend and with a Wild West themed party. The birthday girl looked uber cute in her pink cowgirl get up and matching pink pigtails. If we were Katy, we’d be living out all our teenage dreams too. Sigh. [Idolator]

Nicole Scherzinger’s Debut Solo Album Is The New Detox
X-Factor host and ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has been working on her debut solo LP since 2006 but, apparently, it still needs some work. Earlier this year, Interscope had announced that it would be released November 15, but then they pushed it back to December. Now, the record is scheduled to come out “sometime in 2012.” []

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Tuned In: Beyonce And The Roots Perform “Countdown” Together!

If you want to make Beyoncé slightly more epic, just add The Roots. We know this because that’s exactly what happened this weekend on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Performing “Countdown,” Beyoncé foregoes her signature hyper-choreographed moves in favor of a more subdued, sexy performance. And it’s pretty damn sexy — even when the girl isn’t really moving, damn, can she move! Complete with hip-defining costume and wind machine, Bey proves why she’s the King; even with an amazing band (and they are amazing) like The Roots behind her, all you can think while watching is “Oh Bey!”

(NOTE: For those of you wondering why she looks not-at-all preggo in this video, it’s because this performance was taped over the summer and just aired for the first time on Friday night. H/T to Matt Perpetua for the scoop.)

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Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj And A Slew Of Today’s Biggest Pop Stars Headline The iHeartRadio Festival [PHOTOS]

The MGM Grand played host to a plethora of pop stars this weekend for the Clear Channel-sponsored iHeartRadio Festival, two nights of genre-spanning, crowd-pleasing pop music. A mix of veterans and newcomers thrilled the (reportedly very drunk) crowd on both nights. The most successful performers were those who stuck to a setlist of hits, like Jay-Z, who may have performed “On To The Next One” but didn’t take its advice about his old songs, including favorites from The Blueprint and The Black Album alongside newer singles like “Empire State of Mind” (with a guest appearance by earlier performer Alicia Keys). Those whose songs were less well-known by the crowd, like Sublime with Rome, were less well-received.

Perhaps the big surprise of the weekend, according to reports, was Jennifer Lopez, who, in a set that spanned her musical career, proved supremely capable of standing among the pop titans of today (with a Pitbull feature on “On the Floor”). Saturday’s “special guest” Sting also more than pulled his weight, backing Steven Tyler on bass early in the evening, then joining Lady Gaga for performances of “Stand By Me” and his own “King of Pain.”

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Five Things That Make The X Factor Better Than American Idol

After months worth of hype and countless reports of behind-the-scenes drama, Fox finally debuted the American version of the hit international show The X Factor last night. Despite endless amounts of promotion of the debut, which featured the much anticipated reunion of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, the show started off modestly in the ratings. 12.1 million viewers tuned in last night, which is a far cry from American Idol‘s 2011 premiere numbers (21.6MM viewers). Simon has stated all along that his primary goal for the show is for it to beat American Idol and, well, it just might end up doing that over time. It certainly worked very hard last night to differentiate itself from the 800 lb. gorilla of the reality singing competition genre. Here are the Five Ways That Make X-Factor Better Than American Idol:

1) Simon Vs. L.A. Reid Is The New Simon Vs. Paula
With its original, three-person panel of judges, American Idol got a lot of mileage from—and won themselves a lot of fans by—focusing on the tense relationship between Simon and Paula. Like many great television couples of the past, the two bickered constantly, but over time, their relationship evolved from an antagonistic one into a more of a brother/sister dynamic. However, now that Simon has got a true titan of the music industry like L.A. Reid sitting opposite him at the judge’s table, there are bound to be some testosterone-laden, mano y mano flareups. Last night’s ep featured one such moment, where the two went toe-to-toe over a young black woman named Simone Battle who had the body of a Pussycat Doll and, well, the voice of a Pussycat Doll (which is to say, not much of a voice at all). Simon thought she had the talent (meaning: body) to become a “star,” while L.A. Reid—who famously told P!nk, “You’ll be a pop star, All you have to change is everything you are”—didn’t think she had the pipes to move along in the competition. Simon came out on top of that battle, but who will win the war?

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First X Factor Promo Proudly Confirms That Simon Cowell Is Still A Giant A-Hole

Early on during last night’s MLB All-Star Game on Fox, the network took advantage of the number of eyeballs watching the game to debut their very first promo spot for The X-Factor, their new singing competition debuting this fall. And if there were any doubts before last night as to how Simon Cowell’s new show would attempt to differentiate itself from the newly nice —some would say toothless— American Idol and NBC’s ultra-positive show The Voice, they were eradicated approximately one-minute and seventeen seconds into this two-and-a-half minute long promo.

The promo begins in a hazy, fog-like state, with The X Factor judges Cowell, Paula Abdul (who, btw, is Botoxed to the gills), L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger presiding over a parade of terrible singers. If things don’t seem quite right, it’s because they aren’t: No, the X-Factor contestants aren’t going to be horrible, and no, Simon Cowell hasn’t traded in his trademark skintight crewneck tees for a cabled pink sweater because this is all a nightmare! By now, the spot intimates that we should know that Cowell would NEVER be seen driving a wussy, electric Chevy Volt (Side note: weirdest product placement in a long time, right?); rather, he’s the kind of guy who rolls around downtown L.A. with X-FACTOR vanity plates on his $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron EB. And while he’s working, he’s not here to make friends; instead, he’s here to roll his eyes condescendingly at Paula Abdul! In short, he’s still the same A-hole S.O.B. he’s always been (which is something that Cheryl Cole would certainly confirm).

And that, Fox is betting, will be enough to get people to tune-in when The X-Factor debuts on Wednesday, September 21. Will they be right? Well, we’ll have to see now, won’t we?

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Nicole Scherzinger Officially Replaces Cheryl Cole on U.S. X-Factor

Just six weeks ago we provided a primer to Cheryl Cole, the least-known of the announced judges of Fox’s forthcoming Simon Cowell-helmed reality singing show X-Factor, and ever since there’s been a roller-coaster of gossip about drama behind the scenes. Just a month after joining the show (and two weeks after the show’s first auditions), Cole was allegedly replaced as a judge by X-Factor host Nicole Scherzinger. Five days later, negotiations for Cole’s return to the UK version of X-Factor also fell through. But Fox and X-Factor producers Fremantle Media and Syco TV only today announced Cole’s departure from the American edition, set to launch this fall.

Why the delay? Apparently Cole’s contract stipulates that she gets paid whether or not she appears on the show. So while Cowell may have wanted Cole out (to the extent that she and he can no longer come to an agreement to work together in the UK), the show likely didn’t want to have to write off a buck and a half so easily. (This also helps explain why Cole’s replacement was someone already on the show’s payroll.)

Scherzinger has guest-judged on the UK X-Factor before, but will she be able to hold her own beside Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Paula Abdul?


Nicole Scherzinger’s Favorite Vacation Spot Is…

Celebs stop by and we pepper ‘em with queries about the fun parts of life – that’s the essence of our new “5 Questions” series. Do you text or phone? Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? All the important stuff, right?

Of course we needed a superstar to kick off our franchise, and – voila! – the leader of the Pussycat Dolls walked through the door and happily became our first victim. Thanks, Nicole.

The ladies are on currently on tour with Britney Spears, and they’ve just released the a video for their “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny).” We’re actually giving away tickets to the Circus tour’s L.A. and Vegas shows. Make sure you enter our sweepstakes.

But in the meantime, see what Ms. Scherzinger thinks about five different subjects. Among other things, she discusses America’s sexiest sport hero, and the most most hilarious movie ever made.


Watch Pussycat Dolls music videos

Watch Britney Spears music videos

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The Weekly Wrap Up: Lindsay’s Lucky, Hayden’s Hot, Flav is Back in Business



Fiddy Wishes Scherzinger’s Name Was Hot Like His


50 Cent is just like us, at least in one respect: he can’t pronounce the name of Pussycat DollsNicole Scherzinger, either. Even though they got together for a track for Fiddy’s upcoming Curtis disc, the rapper couldn’t get down with her name. He recently told Blender:

They should’ve changed her name. Her name is Schizinger or some s***, right? That’s a f***ed up name…I’d give her like a stripper name. Maybe ‘Pleasure’ or some s***. ‘Nicole Natalie.’

Fiddy has the right idea: down with Schizinger! If old Schizzy isn’t feeling “Pleasure” or “Nicole Natalie,” here are a few other suggestions she should seriously consider. They’re all better than “Scherzigner,” but then again, the sound of a vacuum cleaner is better than “Scherzinger.” Anyway, our list:

- The One Who Sings
- The One Who Stands in Front
- Frontsie
- H.B.I.P.C.D.
- Boobycat
- Buttycat
- Vagineycat
- Eunice
- Tease-a-Louise
- Treasure
- Eva Non-Goria
- Fueled by Iovine

[Blender Blog / Image credit: Getty]

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